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dickens dublin - Loreena McKennitt
I walk the streets of Dublin town
It's 1842
It's snowing on this Christmas Eve
Think I'll beg another bob or two
huddle in this doorway here
Till someone comes along
If the lamp lighter comes real soon
Maybe I'll home with him.
Maybe I can find a place I can call my home
Maybe I can find a home I can call my own.
The horses on the stones pass by
Think I'll get one one fine day
And ride into the countryside
And very away.
But now as the daylight disappears
I best find a place to sleep
Think I'll slip into bell tower
In the curch just down the street.
Maybe I can find a place I can call my home
Maybe I find a home I can call my own.
Maybe on the way I'll find the dog
I saw the other night
And tuck him my jacket
So we'll stay warm through the night
And as we lie in the bell tower high
And of days to come
The bells o'er head will call the hour
The day we will find a home.
I can find a place I can call my home
Maybe I can find a home I can call my own.
Dickens Dublin Transcript
Joyful mystery, the birth of our lord... This night our Lady St. Joseph
was going up to get registered and um they were going down the road and
they met his man... and he said have you any room and he said 'Not but
an old stable over there that I owned... If yous want to get into
it...And they went over and the Lord came down from heaven at twelve
o'clock and loads of beautiful angels was with them... and when they were
These three wise kings... um... they were all from different countries. And
they always looked up at the sky and they looked up this night and saw this
beautiful star up in the sky... and when they were going they meeted
together... and they had to pass King Herod's, not that we much care for
him... and they went in and he said 'Where are ye going with your best
stitches on
And they said 'Did you not hear the news' and say he says 'What News' he
says 'This day the Savious is born' and he said to them 'When you find him
come back and tell me cause I want go and adore him too' and he was only
coddin' them. He wanted to kill him and when they were going, they stopped
and they said 'Surely not this old stable that our King is born in. We were
a palace.'
There was these shepards and shepards are fellas that mind the foals and
cows and sheeps and little lambs and all um they hears this beautiful music
up in the sky they were wondering what was so fun... an angel
disappated them and he said 'I was wonderin' what was so fun' and he said
ye, and he said 'The Saviour is born. If you want to go see him follow that
star up in the and it was a beautiful star.


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