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set the house ablaze - Jam
I was in the pub last night
A mutual friend ours said
He'd seen you in the uniform
Yeah the leather belt looks manly
The boots butch
But oh what a bastard to get off
Promises, promises
offer real solutions
But hatred has never won for long
You was so open minded
But someone blinded
And now your sign says closed.
Promises, promises
They real solutions
But hatred has never won for long
I think we've lost our perception -
I we've lost sight of the goals we should
be working for
I think we've lost our reason
We stumble blindly and that must be restored!
I wish that there was something
I could do about it
wish that there was some way
I could try to fight it
Scream and shout it -
But you said set the house ablaze!
It is called indoctrination
And it happens on all levels
But it has nothing to do equality
It has nothing to do with democracy
And though it professes to
It has nothing do with humanity
It is cold, hard and mechanical.


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