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a bomb in wardour street - Jam
Where the streets are paved blood,
with cataclysmic overtones,
and hate linger in the air,
A strictly no-go deadly zone.
don't know what I'm doing here
'cause it's not my scene at all
There's an 'A' bomb in Street
They've called in the Army, they've called in the police to.
I'm stranded the vortex floor,
My head's been kicked in and blood's started to pour
Through the haze can see my girl
15 geezers got her pinned to the door
I try to reach her but fall back to the
'A' bomb in Wardour Street
It's blown up the End, now it's spreading throughout the City,
'A' bomb in Wardour Street, it's blown up the City
Now it's spreading the country.
Law and order take a turn for the worst,
In the shape of a size boot.
Rape and murder throughout the land,
and they tell you that you're a free man.
If this is freedom I don't understand
'cause it seems like madness me.
'A' bomb in Wardour Street, Hate Bomb,
Hate Bomb, Hate Hate Bomb.
A Phillistine nation, of degredation,
And hate war. There must be more
It's Doctor Martin's A,P,O,C,A,L,Y,P,S,E,


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