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looking around 340 - Yes
Looking around me
There's not so much in that I miss
Things that I can't see
I'll touch and I'll feel then I'll kiss
I saw you standing there
With a smile I couldn't share
Just looking around, everywhere.
Tunes that can't hear,
would take me for a while my smile
Fares that are too dear
I'd rather out another smile
Then I heard a tune so right
It was in the light of night
listening around everywhere
All the things I've wanted to do
take so much time to get around to you
just out and catch and hold on
having trails of dust and lust but never even lying or trying
just keep on moving and never dying.
Smiles that don't see
I'll make them up as I go on
Laughs that just can't be
I'll make and laugh everyone
Then I saw you in your place
with a laugh upon your face
Just looking everywhere
Looking around with my feet on the ground full of words and
of sound bring smiles all around
Satisfy me with words that can be full of sound and I'll
see I'm just looking around.


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