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mind drive 1837 - Yes
Don't forget to seek out the world
If you want to stay out]
Your actions speak much louder than words
And you to realize
Just as long as you have control
Holding fire
Just as long as you can control
This point your desire
Great days, it will all come to you [Wait as it will ...]
another future response [Feel it as a...]
You get the heaven you like
You get heaven
You get the heaven you need
get to heaven now
Just as long as you bring the power
From inside
Just as long as you hold the key
From inside
Ascend and create
Ascend create
Ascend and create
They will bring you rain
They move the sky
They will give you light
It will lift you long [It will live you long.]
To the eyes of child
To song of songs
It will bring the moon
will transfer you
Whole [Home]
Pushing for the time call
Dancing on the moon
Giving it out [Digging it out]
In the night of nights
will shine for you
With the wings of flight
will make it through
To the eyes of child [Through the eyes...]
the test of song
It will comfort you
will make you feel
Looking the chance to call
Making the world
Watching for place to run
Dancing, dancing, move
We will make right
We will dance for you
On night of nights
They will make it through
Through the of child
And the wish you are
As the thought comes
From a distant star
thoughts you have
Can become a new dream
For the stance
Take you there and back again
And you believe you
Independently whole
Waiting for the signs, whole
Reaching for the farside show
Dancing for the moon
for the light
Pushing for the drive
Dancing for the hour [earth]
Dancing the light
Dancing for light
They will bring the rain
They make it right
It will transfer you
Each every night


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