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the one - Yes
Never underestimate the loving
we intertwine our very soul
How we fill eachother's spaces
To lose control
When you're be the children
Who stand on solid ground
Never underestimate the giving
That will bring round
I'll be there
To bring you this love in the morning
I'll there
To bring you the stars at night
I'll be there just waiting to hear you singing
Never underestimate a
The gift of love will surely be
When you're asking for the secret
To you free
When you're talking to the friendship
That love of higher self
gift of love is
The answer to all your doubts
Be the one, giving in to love
Never let good in life desert you
Be the one, giving in to love
Never let the fools destroy your dreams
Be the giving in to love
I can dream myself every minute
So how did we become
Masters of
I'll be there
I'll be there
I'll there
To make it right for you
Giving in, giving in to love
It's the balance of this everyday
Giving in, giving in to love
Without love our dreams become illusion
Giving giving in to love
I can hear you singing every minute
So you can sing the song, and see the truth


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