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homeworld the ladder 944 - Yes
can take us far enough emotion
Far together
As the light so bright
Bright enough to us in
Nothing can bridge our devotion
Fast enough
As the power proves you
Right enough to you begin
So many among the future dreamers
their doubles
a new step
A question origin
Only in recent past
Seekers fought realize
shone like beacons
A question of
Ten thousand millions
To westward light
The dreamers
This arc of
As the entranced
anchor redeemed
Secrets science
history of the future
Was surely
Just what keeps us alive
Just makes us realize
home is our world, our life
Home our world
Nothing can take us enough emotion
Far enough
As the light so bright
enough to let us in
Nothing can our souls devotion
enough together
As the power proves right
Right to let you begin
so fast to the prophets of the living
Looking the signs
Spanning out centuries
for truth
Ancient ones, watch and listen
our wishes
Took upon themselves guide us
the endless skies
Just what us so alive
Just what us realize
Our home is our world, our
Our hope is our world, life
I have the passion
That's in the hope everyone
Will find way into the secret
Of the of your heart
within the vision
Within the beyond belief
We see hate destroys the soul
Of anyone who tries to it
I have seen dream
That's your heart
That's your eyes
To bring closer to the one
It's keeps us so alive
It's what makes realize
Our home our world, our life
Just what keeps so alive
Just what makes us
Our is our world, our life
Home is our world, life
ascending to the secrets
All is pure clear to resolve
Nothing change us now
Send, to the future
Nothing can ever change us
We follow sun
We follow the
We follow the
is a simple place
Here us all to see


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