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spit that g - Wu-Tang Killa Beez
Uh-huh, ye-yeah, it's this
If you got big dollars, Spit That G
KnowwhatImean? If you got mad honies, Spit That G
If you gettin or whatever
Whips, phats cars, new kicks, Spit That G
This is how we do it
Word up, like this, check it out
Check it out, yo
[Chorus: Cappadonna (all)]
If got ladies (Spit That G)
If you got endo (Spit That G)
If you got currency (Spit That G)
W.T.C. (Spit That
Say Spit That G (Spit That G)
Say Spit That G (Spit That G)
More sex money make the world go round
Dumb Diddy snatch ya chick up, hit the floor now
[Solomon Childs]
Want I need bodyguards, as big as stiff worker, R.C.
Me mega-poverty, New York City, dollar signs prevail
Five place love, exclusive, nine millimeters
My voice box run through tracks like cheetahs
Champagne and catfish at the club, Geda's
Janet Jackson figures, I'm on now
Gucci sweaters for all my niggaz
Calm braided, chrome rims
Ghetto birds with pink Timb's
A box of shells for the for Kim's
Sponsored by the Clan, see
Pop more vanilla cherry than Luke Perry
Now tell me ain't the thug life
[Hook 2X: Suga Bang Bang]
Talkin bout the good life
Livin in da wild
[12 O'Clock]
What happened to the fist fights, the MC battles, nigga?
Slingin newspapers on the Verrazano
Gettin off the fifth train on Carol to get wet
Summertime sweat got me rockin short sets
From the loaf tops, no socks, suits
Tied nicely with the wooden spoon for the scoop
Young girls playin double Dutch and hoola-hoops
Crunch and Fruit Loops, camels and goose boots
It was the FUBU, the stripped Lee's, the Hoopty's
Five dollar bag of weed's a real bag of weed
A ki was at twenty g's, hurled one dope fiends
O.D., niggaz throwin bricks at my click
Now Giulianni got the state N.Y. locked like cuff
Black Boys gettin rich like Puff
The Excursion truck need two spots on the parkin lot
A stash box for the top, the lock
[Prodigal Sunn]
Brook-nam, grace and charm, remain calm with chron's of Lebanon
Black man author, green Leprechaun from Lexington
Sunn, I crack ya face with the gun
Smack the taste outta ya dunn, ya fam's on the run
Now y'all respect Sunn, shine all type direction
discretion with the right connection, recitin lessons
But my wea-pon reign automatic projection
Blow out ya reception, hose through ya reflection
Old gold complexion, Sunn swoll to perfection
Did a fifteen, me and my team, supreme legends
Twenty-one-two, I get that money with the Wu
Up the Cayman Islands, bitches sweeter than honey dew
[Hook 4X]
[Interlude: Prodigal Sunn (Timbo King)]
Eh-yo, let's talk about (Let's talk about it)
Eh-yo, we be about it, be about it
Yo, we be about it (Killa Beez)
We all about it, we all about it
We all about it, we be about it
Killa Beez, yo we all about it
[Timbo King]
Yo I slap money for the love of rap money
Rock gully, high cop that bag of bomb
This grown man talk, I bag ya mom
Watch and learn, block got lots of germ
Straight like that, bake cake, ate like that


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