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waves - Watch Me Fall
The soil I'm lying on is cooling down with the vanishing daylight
bitter are these tears in my eyes
They're slowly flowing down my cheek like glowing pearls
But those pearls are for the swine
The mind behind this weak body tries isolate
Not willing to crystallize the reasons for my grief
I try to figure out how I came to this state
Where all the paths lead just further from the light
Time flows on like a stream and passes the dead of the night
But it just pushes me further from delight
I feel my life sinking far too
When this self-deception won't let me fall asleep
The sky breathes black but still it shines
Like a halo upon my darkness
I'm bleak, cold and blond as the lack of will makes the waves roll in...
Here I ride again on these waves of misery
all but sane as I close my eyes
And try to see the stars which shine no light


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