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shine - Papa Reu
f/ C-Note, Lil' O, TC
(Papa Reu)
When I see my boy C-Note I'ma buy him somethin' brand new,
When I find Lil'
You know he gone keep somethin' new,
And of course, you know the original,
Papa Reu!!!!
I'ma keep somethin' new, new, new,
First Verse Reu + Lil' O):
(Papa Reu)
We gone buy somethin' new, for the millenium,
This triple O jag cost two
Buy somethin' new, for the century,
Double O, one drop top Bentley,
I'm gonna clown when they see me,
In a jag truck with four TV's,
Yachts and jets, yes we're overseas,
Best to presidential role's
(Lil' O)
Watch me get an A plus for the way that I bust,
Presidental role's with biggetes and ice
Like plush, all of my foes they bite dust,
When I bust my beretta, fat rat, with the cheddar,
Drop the top on the cadillac, cool, and yell
Hoes askin' who the fuck is that?
It's Lil' O,
You ain't know? These ones shine, I glow,
Blood stream for State, cristal and hydro,
Man the way that I go, be havin' niggas sayin' man he left with my hoe,
And made woman swear like she was doin' Tae-Bo,
And Lil' O, man he put it in they face I know,
For real I know,
young follow him,
He bail up in the club like he's King Solomon,
Young nigga thuggin' ain't no stoppin' him,
champagne, jewelry with the rocks in 'em,
The O ain't trippin', come on
Chorus (Papa Reu):
We shine, shine, shine, shine, shine, shine, shine,
Platinum role's to tell the time, time, time, time, time, time, time,
And all the diamonds gonna blind, blind, blind, blind, blind, blind, blind,
Rollin' twenties all the time, time, time, time, time, time
Second Verse (Papa Reu + TC + C-Note):
(Papa Reu)
The windows be tinted, we be in it,
Five hundred cruise control, lights all in it,
On the coast of Puerto Rico, with some women,
Where my shorties Where they at?
So come here my baby,
You look and now you wearin' them guccis,
So take me to where them rude boys preachin',
You know they say we rich and we bubblin', we bubblin'
We got so much money, can't even count,
Check my credit cards, bout X amount,
Bout to pull somethin', out the garage,
Seventeen, playin' with bout cars,
My nigga Rue, bout to survive bank,
I'm steady clubbin', ain't even old to drink,
Ballin', that's I know,
White bentley off the showroom floor
We gone buy somethin'
Two thousand dollars a shoe,
Ice the benz candy blue, now I'm comin' through,
My lex bubble like moets and them private
With ten K around my neck, Prince and cut biggetes,
I'm in the game like EA Sports,
No standin' on the corner pushin' island resorts,
C-Note to buy the cars, we some million dollar players,
We go with Papa Reu, cuz we real rhyme sayers,
ers, police give me tickets cuz we ballerific,
Next time I'm poppin' big shots, cuz all my letters kick it,
Now we bitch slappers cuz we fantabulous,
Walk around sell out the show, cuz niggas tired of
Chorus (2x)
(Papa Reu)


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