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the bitch needs a muzzle - Narcoleptic Youth
You can be a bitch if you want to be. But don't try your little motto on me.
Because I'm not going to take lying down. (Hey!) I don't need you hanging around.
I don't need your opinions. Don't want your advice. I tried so hard. I tried to be nice.
But you just kept tuggin' on my last nerve. Now it's time for you to get what you deserve.
you're a BITCH! You're such a BITCH! You need a muzzle!
You get a chance to complain and you'll do it. A trash can on your head, I wouldn't screw it!
You're worse than a FELON! You make me sick! The candle's burned to the end of the wick.
I've been biting lip for far too long, now it's time for me to spit it all out in
Well I hope you get the message LOUD AND CLEAR. I just can't wait to shout it right into your ear,
Cuz you're a BITCH!
Have you ever wondered why you don't have friends?
Don't you think it's strange that NOBODY likes YOU?
It's your attitude that makes you ugly. You put the "F" in FUGLY.
You threw a fit the Roxy. You're WAY too bossy.
You never seem to leave but we wish you would!


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