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act a fool - N 2 Deep
f/ Mac Dre & PSD
* corrections to the typist
(Jay Tee)
Now if a bitch is broke, how you 'posed to break her
(That's Jay Tee only fuck witta many maker
She got scratch, bread be a lil' bigga
Nice house on the hill, work that seven figa
Squeeze the trigga, she down to blast for me
Got me outta the ghetto, and did it fast for me
Now I'm plush and no more rushing
Slangin keys of coke on the hush and
She keep it hella real and never come shady
Lick my balls and suck my dick daily
Never talk back, when I dissed her
And got caught up in the bed with her sister
I Got kids with her, but she never think of suin'
And I don't give a shit, she down for everything I'm doin
Mexicana, Black, or Egyptian
Call me up if you fit the description
Tell me what you wanna do
I'll do anything for you
me what you want
Tell me what you need
Are we gonna act a fool?
You wanna know how this man started ho?
straight from the gate, I need a transportin blow never be late
She know what I say go, I'm it safe
It ain't just that I want control, I'm stayin awake
If you a jive azz ho, plannin to stay
If you a live azz I'm a man of mistakes
So all the lies that's told, question me I will
First time lil' hefa, lie to me I peel
I want butter my grits, salt and pepa
If you come at me with suga i'ma bark and check ya
Gots to have a mind, gots to be ambitious
Gots know to never put no trust in bitches
Gots to be a Kadafian woman with respect
Gots to give me board, ???????
A super bad bitch with a chance goin'
If she ain't comin' to the table, financial and stable
(Mac Dre)
Ho up or blow up, is how I'm finna start
I need a bitch with a beeper and some business cards
A bitch that's in this hard, I'm talkin and callouses
Cuz when I'm dealin with her she goin' need a psychoanalysis
She drive a bitch crazy, especially if she's lazy
gotta get the gravy, and then she gotta pay me
It's all official baby, plus pack a pistol baby
Times are crazy and shady, so I pack a 3-80
Ol' School fool who still Thunderbird
Baby got a dude, but I'm fuckin' not lovin' her
She stealin' from him, but givin' to me
I'm Silky the Pimp, I live the V
Me, Jay Tee and PSD ya'll
Will keep it pimpin' til the next time we see ya'll
And kick down from every bitch I'm through
What's up now, baby what you wanna do?


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