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we will ball - Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
Verse 1: Lord Tariq
Yo yo yo yo
I'm broken down from keys to oz's to grams
And being sold in city blocks moving hand to hand
Who I?
You can find me on a corner of your block
And I'm boning powder forming transform into a rock
Who am
I suck the life out of a nigga put your dick in the sand
I'm transported through borders for grams
So am I?
Small and white like shining so bright
Might take your son's life in the middle of the night
Who I?
Chopped down a hundred packs for hundred stacks
And I'm sold through a hole through the wall
I'm you all
So who am I?
My pipe game is wicked
And an hour get you by it can be kinda fitted
Who am I?
I might last for five minutes, but that's all right
Because that 25 Mitch will get you all night
So who am I? I'm born to kill blacks
And I'm made in the U.S. I'm known as crack
Chorus 1: Tariq
So who am I?
Very small, and I stashed in walls (who am I?)
I get you and I'm smoked in halls (who am I?)
You must come if hear me call
So who am I?
I'm kinda I do a killing with a smile (who am I?)
I move in file when you hear me go "Blau!" (who am I?)
I'm Teflon so how you like me now?
So who am
Verse 2: Peter Gunz
Yo, I travel at the speed of light and it ain't right
I quick to run up and take your life in the night
I hang with cops and thugs and they call me slugs
Just like Christmas I light shit up
I got cousins clips
That hang around Bloods and Crips
Mostly found around your drugs and whips
Find in a artery
Somewhere in your body
While your lying there leaking looking at Lord saying "soddy"
I was at the best
(fly) Hit many vests
But 9 out of 10 I pierce through many chests
Colorblind, hell if not like fuck it
Kids and ladies and even babies kick the bucket
S'more like a rich bitch in the store shopping
Seven I pop, be a lotta niggas dropping
Majority, minority die when I fuck
But I mean I'm just a bullet and I don't give a fuck
Chorus 2: Tariq
I'm kinda wild, I do a killing with a smile (who am I?)
I move in file when you hear me go "Blau!" (who am I?)
I'm Teflon so how you like now?
Who am I?
Unseen and I'm quick to do a killing (who am I?)
I move and I laugh at penicillin (who am I?)
The type of nigga that'd make ya die
So who am I?
Verse Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
You can find me in your body if you don't use protection
It's fifty cent all your fucking life learn a lesson
I'm but deadly, break a nigga down
I know you heard my name cause nigga I get around
Now I pray on the ones who lust for sex and drugs
Shooting out dicks and polluting your blood
When I see you, and I see you
Corrupt and I'm up and who you fucking, who she fucking...
I'm the biggest nigga on your block
And I kill more niggas than your glock
Like or not
I'm outta
Pull your body outta your soul
Than I laugh as I watch your family watch you fold


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