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one life to live - Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
featuring Cam'Ron
Verse 1: Gunz
Itâs been a long time comin but I came
Coulda drove a nigga crazy but Iâm sane
Been a lotta lotta pain
Lotta shit changed I use to hop trains
Now Iâm hoppin in planes headed for Lanes
I use to a job but I quit
Niggas in the Bronx called me lex
Now they call me mothafuckin six
Bitches use front now they switch
Cause they walk by tappin my dick lickin they lips
See me in the Bronx strollin
the muthafuckin street, holdin
Nothin but mothafuckin heat
Surrounded by thirty niggas with thirty dirty guns
Some (S-S-S-O-O-O) niggas thatâll rip you from yo to yo lung
Have you lyin in a pool of your blood swallowin tongue
As sweet as it look donât get it twisted
Or get twisted too, right up in mothafuckin biscuit
I remember when my P-O said Peto
You need to get yo shit together and see the C-O
Thatâs when I dazed ya with Deja Vu
And rounded up a hundred thugs thatâs blaze yâall too
Chorus: Lord Tariq
Now from the streets to da
From movin stones and bricks
To makin hits and ridin round in a six (a come on)
Gunz and ya donât stop
And Killer Cam and ya wonât stop
Verse 2: CamâRon
Ayo my transporter
Ya all know the deal
J. Barfield drive a â82 oldsmobile
Keep a low but oh yo heâs so for real
I stick to old timers (why) cause the old squel
They be the first to snitch so you alert a chick
If settle Cam Iâma hurt the bitch
And I donât care who she mess with
Rest with, put too much time and effort
To get a deficit, the relevant
Affections what you better get, stay on defense
Cause when you see me tense
Itâs about to be real wild sequence
Got to debench and we hot
Like a weed spot, let off three shots
Spray pee tops, bout to take the customers to we
So we switch now, Donâs house come with three rots
And um Harlem niggas know how to play
Cause I got 600 and the rest of yâall want it
Chorus: Lord Tariq
Now from the streets to da stage
From stones and bricks
To makin hits and ridin round in a six (a come on)
Killa Cam and ya donât stop
The Lord Tariq ya wonât stop
Verse 3: Lord Tariq
The Lord Tariq, a Bronx nigga, nigga I get around
ave., bright lights niggas, all tops down
I turn yo smiles to frowns
And get you clown niggas sick
I come around I got yo bitch on my dick
Uptown movin nothin but stones and bricks
Since â86 I was ownin shit, Iâm born to flick
A O to an 8th, 8th to keys and
We gettin chased by the Pâs and shit
Tearin up the turnpike when I burn right
a manâs position is based on when he earns right
Well from silly to willy nigg-az wit big cas, that gotta connect
I walk the world gettin Gotti respect
got a lot to inject to all those who oppose the BX
And to my hoes how you want those cash or check
Wire or charge, my dick is hard bitch thanx
I ainât got no money cause I ainât fuckin bank
Feds still lookin, searchin all through Brooklyn
But Iâm in the Bronx takin paper thatâs tooken
Headed Southbound out of town with a pound the brown
Fuck the fun, Iâm gettin mon, itâs no time to fuck around
I gotta stash full of guns and we pumpin the sounds


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