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massive heat - Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
Kurupt:Uh, PG
1: Peter Gunz
I walk holdin my balls,
About an inch from the wall,
Keep hypnotized as if
My name was biggie smalls, Your girls are docced dip in,
Nigga keep a headlock,
Gunz with your wife?
Motherfucker bet not, Sleep on Peter G,
Peas don't eevr doubt it,
>From here New Orleans,
I'll improve 'em, bout it bout it,
When a days I do a Michael,
To the days of jailed,
Class with thoughts that kept
My fresh mind stale,
Bridge: Peter and Kurupt
Now, who you know
With the New York,
that keeps brother respect
>From California like I'm
Snoop Doggy Dogg?
Peter Gunz:
Well, I'm Pete gunny Gunz,
For plenty ammo ammo,
Shove pipe in yo wife,
And watch her voice hit soprano,
I got rhymes, cock mine,
Just naughty gimmick,
That nigga that raps about it
But he do it in a minute,
Got schemes that'll yo wealth,
Break yo health,
You see me comin nigga,
Just break (break yourself)
A bronx tails like deniro
The girl call me, "hero",
Bust a kids' in the mouth a 15-0-0,
Playas play on,
Hatas hate on,
my weight on,
Hit yo bitch off,
And then I skate on,
Lay me,
Nigags can't touch this,
Try to rush this? (shit)
Fuck this,
Get the fuck out of here, (you know what I'm sayin?)
Chorus: Kurupt
This is my niggas,
Holdin down the street,
Sellin guns hand to hand,
Under massive
Cause a nigga got to do,
What he gots to do,
So if that type of nigga,
Then it's just for you,
All my guns,
Swingin niggas from L.A.To York,
Who ain't havin it?Let the picture spray
And we talk,
Cause a nigga got do,
What he gots to do,
So if you that type of nigga,
Then it's just for
Verse 2: Sticky Fingaz
This is the facsimile,
You bout to get that ass
This is simple,
And beat with bast,
I got a little somethin
For all you cats,
And all you fleas,
And you Cs, (all y'all)
Midnight dark,
Cock back the spark,
starts sparkin,
And everything's dark,
And I know where them niggas is at,


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