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roses in the rain - Lonewolf
"Wow", you say, " there's something grey out there"
- Well, sky always there before
okay, not in shimmering grey, but in clear blue
but okay, that's past and forgotten, too
And cool, look there, what's in this sludge
ain't this fishes, or what was this word
oh, they won't be swimming for a long time
but who needs fishes
Refrain: And your river, it flows to the sea - endlessly
and the world, it turns, 'round and 'round
with demanding sound
And hey, what's this, this green thin thing
oh, that's just a blade of grass
you can cut it if you want, it's the last one of kind
and with steel-made houses it just doesn't count
And why can't I breath here anymore
who started this whole thing
I thought our future's just a brilliant kind of thingso why am I dying here
Now, there's nothing to live and to for
just a huge desert of grey sandstorms
and in one or two year the earth itself will die
was this, what we living for??


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