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river of life - Lonewolf
He held a book,
opened it, then read a lines,
âName of Godâ
so he read, Ân looked into her eyes
and the fire grew, night lit up,
as he asked: âBelieve?â
âNo!â She said and he noddâd,
to the man at the
As the sun woke up,
he stood there, out there on the fields
looked onto
a cotton string, took it and went on.
As the sun was high,
she came up, rode upon the
âHit him once! Hit him twice!â
The black fell on his knees.
Refrain) and our tales,
in every second they are told,
and our future lies,
in the power of our own
See this man,
see his eyes, do you see yourself?
See his
now tell me, didnât he look insane?
Didânt anyoneheld him back, opened his eyes to see..
but noone did, and so he
and killed a million jews...
Never do think
Never take advice!
We have lived our lives till now.. (so what?)


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