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straight from the lab - Labwrk
Layin down the fat track
Drinkin' on 6-pack
Breakin' through the airwaves
Caught up in a smoky haze
Now that lights glowing
Before they know what's coming
Let's make some fucking noise
We are what we what
Comin' straight from the lab
Stabbin' knifes into the beast
Moving bodies to beat
Drivin' round in beat up cars
Gettin' thrown out of all the bars
the wheels are in motion
It time to drink my love potion
Now get in the van
We what we are what
Comin' straight from the lab
Thinkin' there's no better way
Movin' another day
Hopin' this won't be the last
Tomorrow your homeless tonight is a blast
get in and relax
We've saved the best for last
Lets hit the fuckin road


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