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turn of the century 755 - Yes
Realising a form out of stone
Set hands
Roan shaped his heart
Thru his working hands
Work mould his passion into clay
Like the sun
In his room, his lady
She would and sing so completely
So be still, he now cries
I have time, oh let clay transform thee so
In deep cold of night
Winter calls, he cries, don't deny me
For his lady, deep her illness
has caught her
And will for all reasons take her
In the still light of dawn, she dies
hands soul revealing
Like leaves we touch, we learn
We once knew the story
As Winter he will starve
All but to see the stone be life
Now Roan no more tears
to work his strength
So transformed him
Realising a form out of stone, his work
absorbed him
Could she hear him
Could she see him
All aglow was his room dazed this light
He would touch her
He would hold her
Laughing they danced
Highest colours touching others
Did her eyes at the turn of the century
Tell plainly
When we meet, how we'll love, oh let life so transform me
Like leaves we touched, we danced
We once the story
As autumn called and we both
Remembered all those many years ago
I'm we know
Was the sign with a touch
As I kiss your fingers
We walk hands in sun
Memories when we're young
Love lingers so.
Was it sun the haze
That made all your looks
As warm as moonlight
As a pearl deep your
Tears have flown away
All the same light
Did her eyes the turn of the century
Tell me plainly
When we meet how we'll look
As we smile will leave me clearly
Like leaves we touch, we see
We will know the story
As Autumn calls we'll remember
All those many years ago


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