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crack - Wizards

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Crack lyrics

Crack lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Kipersmit]

Living on a lie
Living on a lie
Getting back to you
I can never cry
This could be a lie
Turning back to you
Or a friend of mine
Trying to forget
All the past regret
Things that I can see
But I never have
Lingering raving
Causing to move
Back to the scene
What if its a lie
Should I fool myself
Or pretend to die
Stalking like a spy
Dont dare to deny let us
Play the game
Living on a lie
People passing by
Give one more chance
Innocence to be
Remaining craving
Having you stand
Still while you think
Sun rays on the skin
Walk on a glass ocean
Burning kind of sin
Thousands of red roses and
The melody warming you
Heating in your cozy lap
Im caught by you
In my own dream
Living in the light
Of an invention
Sorry for the tear
Id rather go
Than deserve a chance
To make believe
We are living free

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