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apparently - Rainbirds

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Apparently lyrics

Apparently lyrics

A p p a r e n t l y

I travelled for hours
Just to find you sleeping
Noddin' back and forth
In a rocking chair with history
You were tied to its arms
By the sleeves of your shirt
The years didn't change your looks

I waited for hours
Hopin' you'd wake up
Until I decided to leave a note:
"With love and sympathy"
I hugged you softly
Then I kissed you goodbye
There you decided to speak:

Now look what you've done to me
Nobody turned me down so heavily
You should have stayed where you were
You should have left me alone
Out here in space
Things don't change that fast

Took two steps backwards
Into the shadow
I bang my head against the wall
I feel it hard and real
You say I'm disgraceful
I'm out to destroy
All of the dreams that are worth living for

Now they're coming to take you
They've pointed you out
To say that the fire is lit
And we're all allowed to start again
If it is that you dream of
All I can say
The years didn't change your ways

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