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cold shoulders - Pagan Babies

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Cold Shoulders lyrics

Cold Shoulders lyrics

One dozen white ones
They all go to
I get cold shoulders
And I go to sleep

One would have given the lazy eye
Falling drunken, deaf and blind
Meeting decent people
Run for me and I'm dead again

One dozen white ones
I'm poisoned too late
The ocean calls me
And I go to sleep

After the goldrush everything is great
Meeting decent people
Run for me and I'll whisper in your day

I'm only too glad
You've finally come here
Your eyes blue
And they're bleeding clean

For once in your life you will see the light
And he called a party, but didn't invite me
The candles by the bed are screaming your name
And I am dead again

To dream about this again
Live without this
Once in a blue moon,
I will come here to you

Burning and cool,
You don't know what to do

Falling down

And you give the truth to me
Believing has no decency
Burning the candle, you come down and

Listen and fill in the blanks

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