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more of what you want - Labwrk

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More Of What You Want lyrics

More Of What You Want lyrics

Emotional over flow
This is the reason that people kill
And in from the darkness that spill from the shadows
So let us stand in light enlight

We walk the night
We are the one
We took the sight
We are the one
Is this something we've become?
Has it stolen our energy?

More of what you want
With my hand on the wheel
More of what you need
Steer us into a dream
More of what you want
We are the energy
More of what you need
Someone let out a scream

We become next in line
The wolf are restless tonight we ride
We are fire we are free will
So take what you will

Hears a toast to the years
No to forget laugh at regret
We are here today gone tomorrow
Tear for the one heres for the one
Who must pay

Listen and fill in the blanks

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