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niggas know - Hangmen 3

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Niggas Know lyrics

Niggas Know lyrics

[Verse 1: Mann Terror]

A ghetto product gunz and narcotics is all we know

the only way to see doe is to live life illegal

token under by the projects bricks and all the drama to

kill the stress niggas inhale the marjunna at a young age
I was letting my gunz blaze out

calling me out you bout to get ya brains blown out

I represent mine with war and semi outo weapons

to keep it real is what we learn adolescent

no second guessing smith&Wesson on the waist line

we chasing this cheese like we was on a race against time

im trying to come up but the block want to hold me down

I been hit once so the glock stay on me now how can I live

like this and raise a seed addicted to weed

these hating niggas want to see me bleed

Roll with my dogs at all times if niggas want beef

Laid niggas down deceased when the shells release

So many war scars and lost soldier

Ya couldn't picture or the pain in the life of a thug

So many heads got lost in side this fast life

We play the corners trying to get our cash right

Ghetto star with hot cars, nigga I'm made

Fucking wit us get cha shit thoroughly sprayed

y'all niggas claim to be hard but we the most official

forever thugin my team known for blowin pistols

[Chorus: Benzino]

The game got me by the throat

I can't breath every day I'm running

from the popes I'm on my last hope

all I know is slang dope infiltrating

on my block we leave you bloody hoe aint

no rule to the game yeah that I kown thats

why we blast first talk latter stack doe

you want to ask yo I thought so so we clap foes

we real niggas niggas know

[Verse 2: Twice Thou]

Yo I'm forever on the run and trust no one

but the sixteens slugsin my hand gun

temper tandrumsince a young type

I hung team learnnerver to rat in my young life

y'all get motherfucking tongue sliced

under these-dred wing were my moms used to fuck

with seen nough money and murder bitches who suck dick

on a frequent drugs raids had me stashing

all kinds of paraphenalia from transaction

I took weight but I never bait

and some of the shit I did a have the average nigga shook straight

cook cakes started out like snow flakes

until L fuck around in the lab and make the coke bake

we shot it out with arch rivals then spark hydro

Fuck that shit them niggas talk let em die slow

back when suckers got robbed for they goose down

motherfuckers moght squab or even shoot rounds

we got chased by the jakes to stay in shape

in these ghetto triathlons you do the math

I'm gone they got my grill on the camera

and love to catch me in the back alley so they can cock back the hammmer

I'm street savvy and hold the heat gladly

To this day you fuck with mine I'll make you bleed badly

For all a nigga done been through and all I done seen

A real niggas nightmare is dying in his dream

[chorus] - 2X

Listen and fill in the blanks

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