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she sends kisses - Wrens

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She Sends Kisses lyrics

She Sends Kisses lyrics

ten tons against me and you've gone
I put your favorite records on
and sit around
it spins around
and you're around again
struck dumb while drugs run at how high reeds
cue every memory at half-speeds
just like....charles, hold-me-downs
I'm-coming sounds
cut crap, who's filling shoes like these anymore?
past clumsy crushes beneath Thrill Pier
hopes pinned to poses honed in men's room mirrors
a sophomore at Brown
she worked Lost & Found
I put your face on her all year
from five rows of photos when you wrote
of posed you, dressed blue, a backyard boat
signed at the bottom with this quote:
(#4 North Shore) a cape may address
your new one I guess
'all's well in hell and all here's hoping'
she sends kisses
some signed 'with Love, Beth oooooo xxxxx'
she sends kisses
same old beth - some signed 666
our shore town knockdown sure was fun
yeah, white trash, what have you
I fired replies back gun by gun
past Seven Wrecks I read your four answers: 1. your move 2. I'm tres involved 3. move on 4. love, Beth
I walk it down
this tourist town
'just thought I'd' calls
just friends
she sends kisses
and all at once back doors blow open
she sends.... in envelopes stamped w/ 'Hope & Hearts' - ripped right open
she sends...
but I'm corrupt - I wrote back good luck

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