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happy - Wrens

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Happy lyrics

Happy lyrics

You're the one I want
you're a chance to take
you're a hard break
and swore you'd never leave again
you're the only one
that I ever trusted
or who ever cared at all
is this how its going to be
is this how you wanted me
broken down again
its almost over now
is this why you wanted me
to watch as you walk away
you kept on killing me
and you don't even want to touch me
I was wrong
I've wasted on
can't figure out
what happened to us
I won't count on you anymore
I'll be all right
don't worry about me
aren't you happy now
you got what you want
I wanted you
but I'm over that now
I'm so sick of you and what we went through
your lies to me
won't win again
so don't kid yourself
its better this way
its all back to me

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