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Q2K lyrics - Queensryche lyrics

Right Side Of My Mind lyrics

Hey, are you okay? Better luck on another day. This path
some weren't meant to follow.
You're curious I can see, always looking behind the trees.
Keeping one eye on tomorrow.

Re-engineer your head, is really what the door mouse said.
Push the lies away.

If you take time and look for clues ...scrape the shit off
your shoes, you'll feel the real today.

One Life lyrics

One life, is like one prayer, one love to share.
One thought, one dream. One world, one meaning.
A man that's lost everything holds his faith in his heart.
Speaks to god of broken dreams, never wondering why when
nothing's heard ... one prayer.

A woman cries in frustration, her man holds it inside.
They forgot what got them here, the vows they promised to
stand by ... one love.

Liquid Sky lyrics

I ain't no Romeo. I'm just the man for you.
Holding out as secrets travel, they kind of get to you.
Everybody says that it could've been something.
Never was a smart kid, never knew a good thing.

Always hearing voices swim ... in your liquid sky.

Liquid Sky ... Always hearing voices, like no more choices
in disguise.

I ain't no sacred idol or a saint pretending.

Falling Down lyrics

Today is just the same as any other day to me.
Walking wall to wall to pass the time, I picture what it's
like on the other side.
Because I'm here on the inside of blue, without you.
Day in day out on and on ... I'm missing you.

Nothing seems to work as well, my face in the mirror looks
like hell. I think I need to see a doctor.
I watch the slow hand move line by line. I can't even

When The Rain Comes lyrics

You've come to me again my friend. I've been waiting so
Life seems strange and hard sometimes, maybe I won't make
it this time.
Oh They've taken all I have, but I just need what's left of
today, and you can wash it all away.
When it all comes down and I'm feeling tired and afraid,
you're always there, and seem come when
I've nothing left to give away.

How Could I lyrics

There you were like a ghost from my early days, staring
straight ahead at me.
How could I ever guess, from that moment on, just how
everything would change.
How could I know?

I recall something strange coming over me, somewhat at a
loss for words.
I'd been around and had my share of what I thought my soul
could bare, but never seen what I saw in your eyes.

How could I know?

Beside You lyrics

Take your children down to the water wash their heads and
sing .. holy holy
Last night I dreamed you were standing there, strong and
tall beside me.
All my life ... behind me.

You gently took me by my hand and led me to where
I couldn't see,but where I've always been ... an island.

In my dreams I've been an island ...

where I'm all alone, and I've built these walls stone by

Burning Man lyrics

Miles of desert fly, the quiet of dawn.

I ride the winds of morning to see the man that's burning.

Miles of desert fly, the quiet of dawn.

I ride the winds of morning to see the man that's burning.

In my head I hear the song a million voices strong.

I feel the heart of conscious returning, that's why the man
is burning.


Wot Kinda Man lyrics

Don't know you man or where you're from. Some say a crazy
man, came undone.
Please man, make it all make sense.
Gotta be some man to keep a promise, you can count on this.

Wot kind of man are you?
Tell me, tell me what do I do?

When you left you took part of me, all the things I'll
never see.
I fake it, break it, whatever makes it right, can't see

Sacred Ground lyrics

Iced over, close your eyes. Whisper the flame, it takes us
Seems our world is closing around. When I'm inside you,
you bring me to sacred ground.
When I'm inside you, you bring me to sacred ground.
Now you're the one that I want, you know it's true.
Let go of everything, open up to me.
I'm right beside you, I'll be your watchful eye.

Breakdown lyrics

When the whirlwind of noise surrounds and get intense,
and when words can't hide their anger or intent.
I feel it in my bones and in my head, can't make sense of
what is said.

Ready for the take down, headed for a breakdown.

Fear has me backed against these walls that I follow and

Time moves in and out of phase of everything that I face.


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