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Live Evolution lyrics - Queensryche lyrics

Right Side Of My Mind lyrics

Hey, are you okay? Better luck on another day. This path
some weren't meant to follow.
You're curious I can see, always looking behind the trees.
Keeping one eye on tomorrow.

Re-engineer your head, is really what the door mouse said.
Push the lies away.

If you take time and look for clues ...scrape the shit off
your shoes, you'll feel the real today.

Breakdown lyrics

When the whirlwind of noise surrounds and get intense,
and when words can't hide their anger or intent.
I feel it in my bones and in my head, can't make sense of
what is said.

Ready for the take down, headed for a breakdown.

Fear has me backed against these walls that I follow and pace.

Time moves in and out of phase of everything that I face.

Sacred Ground lyrics

Iced over, close your eyes. Whisper the flame, it takes us higher.
Seems our world is closing around. When I'm inside you,
you bring me to sacred ground.
When I'm inside you, you bring me to sacred ground.
Now you're the one that I want, you know it's true.
Let go of everything, open up to me.
I'm right beside you, I'll be your watchful eye.

Falling Down lyrics

Today is just the same as any other day to me.
Walking wall to wall to pass the time, I picture what it's
like on the other side.
Because I'm here on the inside of blue, without you.
Day in day out on and on ... I'm missing you.

Nothing seems to work as well, my face in the mirror looks
like hell. I think I need to see a doctor.
I watch the slow hand move line by line. I can't even

Empire lyrics

Last night the word came down, ten dead in Chinatown.
Innocent, their only crime was being in the wrong place, at the wrong time
Too bad, people say what's wrong with the kids today
Tell you right now they've got nothing to lose
They're building EMPIRE!

Johnny used to work after school
at the cinema show.
Gotta hustle if he wants an education
he's got a long way to go.

Damaged lyrics

Waiting for the feeling to subside,
Paranoid, I melt into myself.
They say I'm to reach inside and find
the broken part of my machinery.
Psychoanalyze the chapters
on the path to my darkest day.
Searching for the answers,
all I see is damage through the haze.
Picking up the pieces of my life
with no direction for re-assembly.
The one that lays beside me

Another Rainy Night lyrics

Don't slam the door, on your way out
Don't leave without saying goodbye.
Another long distance night alone,
you leave me wanting, always leave me wanting more.
Last word today, coming home to stay?
Wouldn't that be nice, for a while?

But now my take-out food is growing cold,
and the candle's burned a hole in the floor.
And I'm still waiting for the ring of the phone.

I'm all alone

Nm 156 lyrics

Uniform printout reads end of line
Protect code intact leaves little time
Erratic surveys, free thinking not allowed
My hands shake, my push buttons silence
The outside crowd
One world government has outlawed war among nations
Now social control requires population termination

Have we come too far
To turn around
Does emotion hold the key
Is logic just a synonym for

Walk In The Shadows lyrics

What? You say you're through with me.
I'm not through with you.
We've had what others might call love.
You say it's over now, what's done, what's through?
You can't stay away, you need me, I need you.
When the fire starts the pain's too much for your mind.
You need attention, what's good is only mine.
I can cure the hunger that burns in your heart.

Roads To Madness lyrics

Most of this is memory now
I've gone too far to turn back now
I'm not quite what I thought I was but
Then again I'm maybe more
The blood-words promised, I've spoken
Releasing the names from the circle
Maybe I can leave here now and, o
Transcend the boundaries

For now I'm standing here
I'm awaiting this grand transition
The future is but past forgotten
On the road to madness

The Lady Wore Black lyrics

On a lonely walk this morning
A light mist in the air
Dark clouds laughing at me in silence
Casting shadows through my hair
In the distance I saw a woman
Dressed in black with eyes of grey
She wore her pain like a shackled spirit
Eternal life was her debt to pay

The lady wore black
It's the sign of the prisoners lives
The lady wore black
See the years through the tears in her eyes

Take Hold Of The Flame lyrics

We see the light of those who find
A world has passed them by
To late to save a dream that's growing cold
We realize that fate must hide its face
From those who try
To see the distant signs of unforetold
Oh... oh, take hold

From a haze came a rage of thunder
Distant signs of darkness on the way
Fading cries scream of pain and hunger
But in the night the light will guide your way

Queen Of The Reich lyrics

In the dead of night
She'll come and take you away
Searing beams of light and thunder
Over blackened plains
She will find her way
Flying high through the night
She will hide your fate
As she takes your soul from under
And the blinding light of the castle fades

There is no escape
It's the ending of your precious life

Your soul slipped away
It belongs to the Queen of the Reich

London lyrics

It was November 4th I last held your hand.
It seemed our time would last forever.
You said don't ever leave,
I thought you'd never go.
I wish I could just remember your name...
You're just a memory now like all the ones before
but with your pain I've had to suffer.
Your eyes all night with flame as the picture burns.
I hear the screams from long ago.

Screaming In Digital lyrics

I'm the beat of your pulse,
the computer word made flesh.
We're one you and I, we're versions of the same.
When you can see what I feel don't turn your
back on me or you might find that your dreams are only program cards.
Your mind is open for me, open for intake of all propaganda.
Your eyes see now what to see.
My eyes see only the programs you give me.

Revolution Calling lyrics

For a price I'd do about anything
Except pull the trigger
For that I'd need a pretty good cause
Then I heard of Dr.
The man with the cure
Just watch the television
Yeah, you'll see there's something going on

Got no love for politicians
Or that crazy scene in D.C.
It's just a power mad town
But the time is ripe for changes
There's a growing feeling

Spreading The Disease lyrics

She always brings me what I need
Without I beg and sweat and bleed
When we're alone at night
Waiting for the call
She feeds my skin
Sixteen and on the run from home
Found a job in Times Square
Working Live S&M shows
Twenty-five bucks (a fuck)
And John's a happy man
She wipes the filth away
And it's back on the streets again

Spreading the disease
Everybody needs

The Mission lyrics

In the wooden chair
Beside my window
I wear a face born in the falling rain
I talk to shadows from a lonely candle
Recite the phrases from the wall
I can't explain this Holy pain
Six days ago my life had taken a tumble
The orders came from high above they say
A need to use me once again they've got my number
Further the cause boy yes you know the game

I'll wait here for days longer

Suite Sister Mary lyrics

[Dr. X:] "Kill her. That's all you have to do."
[Nikki:] "Kill Mary?"
[Dr. X:] "She's a risk, and get the priest as well."
10 P.M., I feel the rain coming down
My face feels the wet, my mind the storm
Flashing lights as people race to find shelter from the pour
Moving silent, through the streets, they're mine, they're

Midnite, she sings praises in the Hall

I Don't Believe In Love lyrics

I awoke on impact
Under surveillance from the camera eye
Searching high and low
The criminal mind found at the scene of the crime
Handcuffed and blind, I didn't do it
She said she loved me
I guess I never knew
But do we ever, ever really know?
She said she'd meet me on the other side
But I knew right then, I'd never find her

I don't believe in love
I never have, I never will

My Empty Room lyrics

Empty room today
And here I sit
Chalk outline upon the wall
I remember tracing it
A thousand times, the night she died.
Why? (Why?)
There's no sleep today, I can't pretend
When all my dreams are crimes
I can't stand facing them
Now who will come
To wash away my sins
Clean my room, fix my meals
Be my friend?

I Am I lyrics

Beating with life you promised life,
security, happiness.
Unfortunate son cornered,
cowering in the pit of
circling panes of glass that
surround and reveal the ever present "It".
"It" is my move, my every look,
interpreting gestures,
informing other
what's undercover and
lurking beneath my mask
of this year's featured model.
Is this too much?
Close your eyes.

Eyes Of A Stranger lyrics

[page:] Dr. David, telephone please. Dr. David
Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair, Dr. J. Hamilton, Dr. J Hamilton
All alone now
Except for the memories
Of what we had and what we knew
Everytime I try to leave it behind me
I see something that reminds me of you
Every night the dreams return to haunt me
Your rosary wrapped around your throat
I lie awake and sweat, afraid to fall asleep

Silent Lucidity lyrics

Hush now, don't you cry
Wipe away the teardrop from your eye
You're lying safe in bed
It was all a bad dream
Spinning in your head
Your mind tricked you to feel the pain
Of someone close to you leaving the game of life
So here it is, another chance
Wide awake you face the day
Your dream is over... or has it just begun?

There's a place I like to hide

Jet City Woman lyrics

Every time I leave
You say you won't be there.
And you're always there.
Every time I cry your name at night,
you pull close and say it's alright.
I look in your eyes, just like the rain.
Washing me, rain wash over me.
Touching your face, I feel the heat
of your heartbeat echo in my head like a scream.
What you do to me!
Waited so long I can't wait another day without you.

Liquid Sky lyrics

I ain't no Romeo. I'm just the man for you.
Holding out as secrets travel, they kind of get to you.
Everybody says that it could've been something.
Never was a smart kid, never knew a good thing.

Always hearing voices swim ... in your liquid sky.

Liquid Sky ... Always hearing voices, like no more choices in disguise.

I ain't no sacred idol or a saint pretending.

Hit The Black lyrics

Hanging by a thread, problems in my head,
don't know what I said, living to be dead on the run.
Corporation greed, television need,
overdose and bleed, pornograph obscene, I'm a liar.
There's no brakes on me, as I'm running down the track.
They'll be waiting for me, but I'm never coming back.

I'm going down...
to a place where I can see all there is to see in me.

Another Rainy Night (Without You) lyrics

Don't slam the door
on your way out.

Don't leave without saying goodbye.

Another long distance night alone,
You leave me wanting,
always leave me wanting more.
Last word today, coming home to stay?
Wouldn't that be nice, for awhile?

But now my take-out food is growing cold,
and the candle's burned a hole in the floor
and I'm still waiting for the ring of the phone.


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