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Fly Or Die lyrics - N.e.r.d. lyrics

Don't Worry About It lyrics

[Intro - Pharrell]
It's her dark skin..
It's your juicy lips girl, ah-ahhh
She's bad bad, bad ass (uh)
She's bad bad, bad ass
She's bad bad, bad ass (you're so dark girl)
She's bad bad, bad ass

I've been all around the Earth
There no girls that kiss me first
But you just stand there with a smirk
But don't you worry about it, ahh - OWW!!

Fly Or Die lyrics

Oooh [x3]
This is for the kids!
This is only for the kids!
I know,
You love me,
Bad grades,
You took it from me,
Well God forbid,
Something goes wrong,
You call,
The police,
Well guess what,
I found,
In the drawer of daddy's

Oh God (Oh God)
Oh God (Oh God)
Oh God (Oh God)


It won't be long,

Jump lyrics

(feat. Joel Madden and Benji Madden)



[Verse 1 - Pharrell]
Hello? Hey mom, it's me mom
Can't tell you where I sleep mom
Cause that's where we be mom
Sometimes I steal and cheat mom
Yes, I get enough to eat mom
Mom, can you listen to me?
No! I don't mess with guns
Yes in my travels I have seen one
No, being a runaway is no fun
But house rules sure were not fun

Backseat Love lyrics

I was walking, down the street
Saw this girl, she smell so sweet
....Hey baby...
She start running, so I could chase
How they get them saffires, in yo face
....Hey baby...
So we start walking, and holding hands
But she don't know, that daddy got plans
I'm gon' get her, in my car
In the backseat, show her a rock star

She said, "I been hugged, and I been kissed

She Wants To Move lyrics

[Intro - Pharrell Williams]
Shake it up.. shake it up girl
Shake it up.. bass
Hey! Shake it up.. shake it up
[Verse - Pharrell Williams (Shae)]
She makes me think of lightning in skies
(Her name) She's sexy!!
How else is God supposed to write
(Her name) She's sexy!!
Move, she wants to move
But you're hogging her, you're guarding her
She wants to move (she wants to move)

Breakout lyrics

It just happend
So what?
But they're all laughing
What's up?
Why the tears have no fear
We are here for you
But I know how you feel, I know how you feel
When no-one cares

If you feel just like I feel, PUSH PEOPLE
Baby, everything is plastic, nothing is real, PUSH PEOPLE
Fuck your lover makes not steal, PUSH PEOPLE

Wonderful Place lyrics

Damn, it's setting in now (so high)
Cuz cartoons are turning into real life
Lemons and limes are fighting
Fighting over straws
Like they were oil filled pipes
And why's the sun writing this song
And why is this funny to me
All of a sudden the mouse comes along
And what he sings brings harmony

You may not understand
Why there's a smile on my face

Waiting For U lyrics

[Hidden track]

So she tells her man "lets go fishin"
Well go tommorow morning when the sun rise..
And then she says she wants to take her kids and (baby cries)
Thats her boy thats 12 and her daughter thats 4 with angel eyes
So they get there and the sun has barely risen
Decided on a spot where the fish is plentiful with the tide

Drill Sergeant lyrics

[Clapping hands]

Drill sergeant, I got a word for you
I'm not going to war (I'm not going to war)
I'mma cash in beautiful books
I'm gonna get the Barnes and Nobles store (Barnes and Noble store)
You must think you're Orson Wells
And this is 1954
You don't understand liberty until
Someone speaks for y'all (someone speaks for y'all)

Shame on you,

Perseverance lyrics

[Hidden track]

Hate when they call me superstar
Do I look like a superstar?
Yet unreachable and very far
Ever noticed I'm right here wit ya'll?
I cover my face because
They do not need to see
I ain't no gangsta or no thug
I am just being me
The world smells of drama
So I cover up my nose
The faces like film leavin' out too long, gets overexposed
Getting praised by magazines

Thrasher lyrics


[Verse 1 - Pharrell]
Every once in a while there is some asshole
Giving you shit, cause something in his life won't fold
Usually, I'd walk away
The "peace/piece" offering another day
He seems not to wanna trade
So he must pay (its the inevitable, it's going down!)

[Bridge - Pharrell]
He's talking! (fuck him up!) at me (fuck him up!)

Maybe lyrics

Love was the egg
See and it was born in a cloud with silver lining
But it broke, I mean it hatched on the ground
So time flew right by me and while I...
I know you thought your life was goin be easy
When you didn't call you found that you where wrong
I know you thought your life was goin be easy
You thought you had it all but you found that you were wrong

The Way She Dances lyrics

Unzip your skirt
Take off your blouse
I hope your toes are painted
Cos your gone dance in your undies all over your house
When your eyes are closed I hope Im the man you see
Cos if not, I want you too know tonight I plan to be
Is this for me?

Slow motion like a dream but real time is what it seems
I love the way she dance
Slow motion like a dream but real time is what it seems

Chariot Of Fire lyrics

Sorry that we took so long
You probably thought we forgot your song
It makes us smile
Just so you know
To see your eyes at our shows
I wrote this song
While I was drunk
I hope you dont mind
That it was wired
But you called me and said
You dont want your friends to know
But what if you had to go
What about then
What about then mildred
Excuse me I mean music
But what about then

Find My Way lyrics

[Hidden track]

I Love You
You mean the world to me
[1st Verse:]
Just a minute ago....
Just a minute ago....
Just a minute ago....
I said some things I know that I can't change that
But when I just screamed
that didn't mean for us to break, break our pack

I'm searching for my way back
But I'm looking through a peephole
I'm trying to find my way back

Find My Way (Hidden Track) lyrics

You mean the world to me

Just a minute ago x3

I said some things

I know that I can't change that
But when I just screamed

That didn't mean for us to break, break our pact


I'm searching for a way back

But I'm looking through a peep hole

I'm trying to find my way back

I wanna be your hero

I'm here you're there x3

Between us there's air


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