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Setting Sons lyrics - Jam lyrics

Private Hell lyrics

Closer than close - you see yourself -
A mirrored image - of what you wanted to be.
As each day goes by - a little more -
You can't remember - what it was you wanted anyway.
The fingers feel the lines - they prod the space -
Your ageing face - the face that once was so beautiful,
is still there but unrecognizable -
Private Hell.

The man who you once loved - is bald and fat -

Heatwave lyrics

Whenever I'm with you
Something inside starts burning
Snd my hearts filled with fire
Stop this - it's got a hold on me
I said this ain't the way it's supposed to be

It's like a heatwave burning in my heart
I can't keep from crying
Tearing me apart

Whenever she calls my name
Sounds so soft sweet and plain
Right then, right there
I feel this burning pain

Little Boy Soldiers lyrics

Its funny how you never knew what my name was,
Our only contact was a form for the election.
These days I find that you don't listen,
These days I find that we're out of touch,
These days I find that I'm too busy,
So why the attention now you want my assistance -
What have you done for me.

You've gone and got yourself in trouble,
No you want me to help you out.

The Eton Rifles lyrics

Sup up your beer and collect your fags -
There's a row going on down near Slough.
Get out your mat and pray to the West.
I'll get out mine and pray for myself.

Thought you were smart when you took them on,
But you didn't take a peep in their artillery room.
All that rugby puts hairs on your chest.
What chance have you got against a tie and a crest?

Saturday's Kids lyrics

Saturday's boys live life with insults,
Drink lots of beer and wait for half time results,
Afternoon tea in the light-a-bite - chat up the girls - they
dig it!
Saturday's girls work in Tesco's and Woolworths,
Wear cheap perfume 'cause its all they can afford,
Go to discos they drink Babycham talk to Jan - in bingo
Saturdays kids play one arm bandits,

Smithers-jones lyrics

Here we go again, it's Monday at last,
He's heading for the Waterloo line,
To catch the 8 a.m. fast, its usually dead on time,
Hope it isn't late, got to be there by nine.
Pin stripe suit, clean shirt and tie,
Stops off at the corner shop, to buy The Times
'Good Morning Smithers-Jones'
'How's the wife and home?'
'Did you get the car you've been looking for?'

Burning Sky lyrics

How are things in your little world, I hope they're going well and you are too.
Do you still see the same old crowd, the ones who used to meet every Friday.
I'm really sorry that I can't be there but work comes first, I'm sure you'll understand.
Things are really taking off for me business is thriving and I'm showing a profit and.

Wasteland lyrics

Meet me on the wastelands - later this day,
We'll sit and talk and hold hands maybe,
For there's not much else to do in this drab and colourless
We'll sit amongst the rubber tyres,
Amongst the discarded bric-a-brac,
People have no use for - amongst the smouldering embers of

And when or if the sun shines,
Lighting our once beautiful features,

Thick As Thieves lyrics

Times were so tough, but not as tough as they are now,
We were so close and nothing came between us - and the world -
No personal situations.
Thick as thieves us, we'd stick together for all time,
and we meant it but it turns out just for a while,
we stole - the friendship that bound us together -

We stole from the schools and their libraries,

Girl On The Phone lyrics

Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
Her voice is smooth but the tone is bland
She's telling me this and she's telling me that
She talks about me and I must agree
With what she says about me
About how nice I can be
But it makes no difference to my mind

Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
She knows all my details - she's got my facts
She tells me my height and she knows my weight

Hey Mister lyrics

Because it's real you think it's a joke
Because it's on your doorstep you have to have a poke
At someone
It's only a cliche because it's all true
Time after time it happens through and through
To a new generation

You're just so smug in your elected seat
You've got your papers sorted out but you can't find your feet
Well, I'm not surprised

Hey mister with your head in the clouds

So Sad About Us lyrics

So sad about us
So sad about us
Sad - never meant to break up
Sad - suppose we'll never make up
Sad about us

So bad about us
So bad about us

Bad - let the music stop now
Bad - suppose we can't turn back now
Bad about us

Apologies mean nothing when the damage is done
But you can't switch off my loving
Like you can't switch off the sun

So sad about us
So bad about us


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