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In the City lyrics - Jam lyrics

I Got By In Time lyrics

Saw a girl that I used to know
I was deep in thought at the time
To recognise the face at first
'Cause I was probably looking at mine
Well she was the only girl I've ever loved
But my folks didn't dig her so much
I was young
This is serious
To me she was the world (she was my world now)
I thought I'd never live without her,
But I got by in time

Well let me tell you now,

Takin' My Love lyrics

Well come on pretty baby you know what I like now
You're shakin' all over and it's feeling alright now
You're rockin' and rollin' and I don't know what to say
But daddy's little cat's gonna rock all day
Well come on pretty woman you know what I mean now
The beat's just screaming right thru' your head

You're shakin' my heart, you're shakin' my soul -
I just go crazy when you rock-n-roll

I've Changed My Address lyrics

Knew the time to leave had come when you pointed out your ring
Never could see what was in this matrimony thing
Baby, baby, baby you sure made a noise when I left
And your father started shouting lest you ironed my shirts
'fore I left
Would've liked to explain first but it was a split decision thing
Couldn't see me settling down with a mortgage and a kid

In The City lyrics

In the city there's a thousand things I want to say to you
But whenever I approach you, you make me look a fool
I wanna say, I wanna tell you
About the young ideas
But you turn them into fears
In the city there's a thousand faces all shining bright
And those golden faces are under 25
They wanna say, they gonna tell ya
About the young idea
You better listen now you've said your bit-a

Bricks And Mortar lyrics

Bricks and mortar, reflecting social change,
Cracks in the pavement, reveal cravings for success
Why do we try to hide our past
By pulling down houses and build car parks
Windows and mirrors like a two-way glass
This is progress, nothing stands in its path

Yellow bulldozers, the donkey jackets and J.C.B.'s
While hundreds are homeless they're constructing a parking space

Non-stop Dancing lyrics

Non-stop dancing, truly out on the floor
Non-stop moving, baby, baby
Still you scream out for more
We don't care if it rains or shines
Cause everything's fine inside, when we're dancing
Non-stop dancing
I said, non-stop loving, with my girl by my side
Everything's just cool, now baby, baby
She's the sweetest thing I know
I don't even mind guys trying to compete

Time For Truth lyrics

Whatcha trying to say that haven't tried to say before
You're just another red balloon with a lot of hot gass
Why don't you fuck off?
And you think you've got it worked out
And you think you've got it made
And you trying to play the hero
But you never walk home in the dark

I think it's time for truth
And the truth is you've lost uncle Jimmy

Sounds From The Street lyrics

Sounds from the street, sounds so sweet
What's my name?
It hurts my brain to think
Sounds from the city, sound so pretty
Young bands playing
Young kids digging - And I dig them

The USA's got the sea
Yeah, but the British kid's got the streets I don't mind, the city's right
Sounds from the street, sounds just fine

I know I come from Woking and you say I'm a fraud

Away From The Numbers lyrics

Things are getting just too cozy for me
And I see people as they see me
Gonna break away and gain control
You free your mind
You free your soul
I was the type who knocked at old men
(history's easy)
Who together at tables sit and drink beer
(somewhere is really)
Then I saw that I was really the same
So this link's breaking away from the chain

Away from the numbers

Art School lyrics

Anything that you wanna do, anyplace that you wanna go
Don't need permission for everything that you want
Any taste that you feel is right
Wear any clothes just as long as they're bright
Say what you want, 'cos this is a new art school
Do what you want if it takes your mind
Better do it now, 'cos you won't have time
And never worry if people laugh at you

Slow Down lyrics

Well come on pretty baby

won't you walk with me

come on pretty baby

won't you talk with me

come on baby
give me one more chance

try to save me and our romance

Slow down


I'm not movin'away too fast

you better give me a little love,

give a little love

baby what I love the best

So I used to walk you home

baby after school

carry your books home too


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