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Dig the New Breed lyrics - Jam lyrics

Ghosts lyrics

Why are you frightened - can't you see that it's you
That ain't no ghost - it's a reflection of you
Why do you turn away - an' keep it out of sight
Oh - don't live up to your given roles
There's more inside you that you won't show

But you keep it hidden just like everyone
You're scared to show you care - it'll make you vulnerable
So you wear that ghost around you for disguise

Going Underground lyrics

Some people might say my life is in a rut,
But I'm quite happy with what I got
People might say that I should strive for more,
But I'm so happy I can't see the point.
Somethings happening here today
A show of strength with your boy's brigade and,
I'm so happy and you're so plain
You want more money - of course I don't mind
To buy nuclear textbooks for atomic crimes

Dreams Of Children lyrics

I sat alone with the dreams of children
Weeping willows and tall dark building,
I've caught a fashion from the dreams of children
But woke up sweating from this modern nightmare, and
I was alone, no one was there

I caught a glimpse from the dreams of children
I got a feeling of optimism
But woke up to a grey and lonely picture
The streets below left me feeling dirty, and

Big Bird lyrics

Open up the sky
'Cause I'm coming up to you
So send down your wings
It'll bring me to you
You know I'm standing at the station
Ready to go
Big ol' airplane, you know I trust in you so

Get on up big bird
To my baby, love
Get on up big bird
To my baby, love
Get on up big bird
I got to make it heard
Get on up big bird
I got to make it heard
Get on up!

Way down here
You up there


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