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smut peddlers lets get fucked up - Jackass soundtrack

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Smut Peddlers - Let's Get Fucked Up lyrics

Smut Peddlers - Let's Get Fucked Up lyrics

Let’s get fucked up

Let’s get fucked up

Let’s get fucked up

Softball playing lesbians are voting for Al Gore

The Virgin Mary’s been replaced by Zsa Zsa Gabor

Rod’s Charburger tweakers collect knick-knacks for the thrift store

Rubbers, plastic six-pack ring things and syringes wash up on the shore

Everyone we know is down with Hepatitis C

Some of them have thyroid problems and some have HIV

Interferon injection is the future for you and me

San Onofre and the microwave spew radioactivity

I’ve stayed clean for more than a decade. I haven’t even had a beer

I’m knocking back a Martinelli’s when I’m ringing in the new year

The reason that I live this way is getting a bit less clear

You’ve been living like an angel even the Jesus freaks think you’re queer

Listen and fill in the blanks

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