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total ringo - Happy Mondays

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Total Ringo lyrics

Total Ringo lyrics

That's sickly clean This mild and meek I could launch it with a poker No danger for a weekend It opens its mouth Theres no words, just a squeak I could launch it with a poker No joker for a weekday Bing bong the weekday Bing bong no danger Here goes a sweet freak How many fools do you get in school In an English county classroom
All the things going on inside your billbong Theres no room its just pure art room You try very hard to get that right To imitate some kind of life form A matter of fact without and tact You can go on back you Shouldn't have been burn Diggers mothers switch on the cooker Get the hillbillies down Set out to bugger Sweet freak pen and ink How do you make a bulldog think Happy christmas I said Not to speak then Happy christmas whens its next week then Ad you swear you naughty meathead What sleeps in your bed Is got to be a greek ted How many fools do you get in a school In an english county All the things going on inside your built bomb Theres no room Its just pure art room Its dangerous to let the freaky dink in Chopper up, cooker, give me some more smother I cant stand the thought of the dwarf bein a mother Is this love, man, its pure hate If you put it on the table It'll be to late Is this love, man No, its pure hate It cant be more simple Its there on a plate Is this love man No it aint.

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