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sunshine and love - Happy Mondays

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Sunshine And Love lyrics

Sunshine And Love lyrics

If I’m being sneaky well sometimes just freak me out your voice starts to eat me it’s time for me to leave it now love it or leave it now the tricks that your churn when you move like a worm when
Bad talking don’t learn how to live ohh,
we like to take credit for this we’d love to take thanks ourselves for this I cant get enough of your sunshine I cant get enough of your love your love a
Nshine sunshine and love the bad vibes so moody

When it should just move me so get me an uzi and someone to use it who smiles the tricks that you pull when things get too dull there’ll be heads on the table for tea your not shown how to move
A worm that’s a life you wont let yourself learn so love it don’t leave it just talk it and breathe it for christ sake you’ll need it believe it you’ll need it like me believe it or need it like
Nd if pigs could fly well you might cry there’ll be heads on the table for tea you’ll just stay in your favourite room playing with your deepest wound I said hail mary, full of grace, where did
Et your angel face I cant get enough of your suntan lady

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