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Yes, Please lyrics - Happy Mondays lyrics

Angel lyrics

Its not I who sought the novice It's the novice who sought me Cook went blind and drank too much And fed his guest on angeldust Where did the pain start When did the symptoms begin Where did the pain start What have the symptoms been? If my heads been through a windscreen Why are all the eyeballs green?

Cowboy Dave lyrics

Tell me what you know about cowboy dave Did he whistle on brown? Was his woman a sex slave?

Cut Em' Loose Bruce lyrics

I'll tell you the story of cut em' loose Bruce He was the man who set the outlaws loose Prosecution say this boys misbehaven He shoot for fun Do pussy, dance and rave Home Im comin home Home im comin home They say this boys got bigger lies Then the whole of England and its all spies But mad old bruce He cut him free Theres nothing left to kill So kill a weed with me Oh I'll see the sunshine Oh I'l

Dustman lyrics

It took three million years Now its my turn to see it Ive got to go back I just don't believe it Do you love it? Oh I bet you do Do you need it? Well, im just like you Smiley bug eyed mung worm at the bottom of the bottle Lay of its back on the bottom of the bottle It took three million years to meet Mr. Helpful But now that ive meet him im extremely doubtful Are you healthy?

Love Child lyrics

You bore me, you bore me You teach me, you taught me, You see me, you want me, You buy me, then torch me, You enter and walk me The thing that came out of my mouth sweet mouth When I leave this safe old house I should have a good day Should I have a bad Should I get something out See what ive had?

Monkey In The Family lyrics

Its delicous the way your walking Go easy on your toes Theres a million and one different dances who do you know that knows Theres a monkey in the family It was trained by adam and eve It was sold to your great grandad and grandma And decided it wouldn't leave I had to make the grass more greener I had to make the sky more blue I had to put a stop to the Jungle Jive team So they don't do the dance

Stinkin Thinkin lyrics

Kiss me for old times sake Kiss me for making you wait Kiss me for old times sake Kiss me for making you wait Kiss me for screwing everything in site Kiss me for never getting it right Kiss me…..

Sunshine And Love lyrics

If I’m being sneaky well sometimes just freak me out your voice starts to eat me it’s time for me to leave it now love it or leave it now the tricks that your churn when you move like a worm when
Bad talking don’t learn how to live ohh,

Total Ringo lyrics

That's sickly clean This mild and meek I could launch it with a poker No danger for a weekend It opens its mouth Theres no words, just a squeak I could launch it with a poker No joker for a weekday Bing bong the weekday Bing bong no danger Here goes a sweet freak How many fools do you get in school In an English county classroom


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