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hit song - Zenkil

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Hit Song lyrics

Hit Song lyrics

If I had a millon dollars I wouldn't change a thing
I'd climb the corporate ladder and give
you a ring
I'd buy a crowbar and give you half
so you could seperate your head from your ass
At 7:45 I wake from this dream
Stumble out the door to score some cream
9:45 the bus driver don't show
I go back home and fix me a bowl-
Of those tasty puffs of corn I do enjoy
Watch Jerry Springer and play with my toys
Roll me a spliff and write a hit song
Listen to Dre and try to rap along.
If I had a thousand dollars I'd buy a used car
I'd meet a new girl-my life will go far
I'd buy a new jacket and a fake fur hat
so all the black boys could tell me I'm phat
At 12 pm it is lunchtime. A can of sweet peas will do me fine
Time for a nap
I'm dreamin' every day
About a hopeless dollar I won't get paid
I think about a scheme and riches I'll enjoy
Go to Wal-Mart and buy some new toys
Gow up one day and write a Hit Song
If I had a hundred dollars I'd rent a cheap whore
I'd take her to the market 'cause the house is a bore
I'd buy her a biscuit and eat half
'And tell her good-bye. Just kiss my ass.
At 5 pm I'd eat some grapes.
Listen to Fahey and drift into space
Round midnight time to turn in
Wake up tomorrow and do it all again!
Maybe someday I'll write a Hit Song
and you'll get stoned and try to sing along.
You'll snap your fingers as you get laid.
Write some hit songs and you'll get paid! -brother-

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