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Singles lyrics - Zenkil lyrics

The Trials And Tribulations Of Lil' Miss Levatation lyrics

The talk all over town-people say your a witch
You cured the lady's cold and you scratched the man's itch
They wanna see you burn with your broom and your black cat
But I can't stand to see you roast
so scurry outta town while you still can
Doobie-doobie-dobbie doo
you lil' bitch
you never told me you're a witch!

Hit Song lyrics

If I had a millon dollars I wouldn't change a thing
I'd climb the corporate ladder and give
you a ring
I'd buy a crowbar and give you half
so you could seperate your head from your ass
At 7:45 I wake from this dream
Stumble out the door to score some cream
9:45 the bus driver don't show
I go back home and fix me a bowl-
Of those tasty puffs of corn I do enjoy

Escape From Monkey Mtn. lyrics

I saw the light, people I escaped
from Monkey Mountain with my wits entact. My views restored. I got a new outlook on life. My little friends tell me I'm nice. The outside world-sick people,sick agendas. I need repentence for the sickness I spread.
You'll eat my food, you'll drink my water
not on Monkey Mountain, they don't tolerate bad.

Make them go away. Make them stop speaking.

Bubbles lyrics

Listen to the story of Bubbles the Clown
The sadist clowns all fear his love that he spread around.
They say that he's fond of 11 year old boys
or younger if he finds them-all lollipops and toys
They wanted him to leave town
And move one day he did
But when he finally made his move
He took the townfolks kids.

He gathered them up in his holly jolly van.
Playing Micheal Jackson tunes


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