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Singles lyrics - Zach Nelson lyrics

American Jamaican lyrics

What's in your imagination?
Somewhere there's a living creation
Waiting to speak to the nation
Whether it's politics or computer animation
It can better world relations
Starting with a station
Soaring with floatation
Tryin' to recieve appreciation
And further it's application
Don't take a day off or vacation
Full of affirmation
But also asperation
Covers the corrupted with persperation

Apologies lyrics

Don't you hate it when you try to apologize,
But the person you're talking to,
Just looks at you with those hurtful eyes,

They make you realize,
That the pain is in the family ties,
The Adults think they are so smart and wise,
But friends are where your heart lies,

Parents don't even realize,
The things they say can hurt so bad,
Especially when they criticize,
They just never think to apologize

Are You Looking For Something To Die For, Or Just lyrics

Pills in a bottle
The get so hard to swallow
Can you hear my scream?

Pin pricks on my back
Nervous system under attack
Heaven's andgels can get so mean

All alone
Nobody home
Faith can't save me now

I've lost control
Of my own rabbit hole
Losing my mind, tell me how?

Cursive lyrics

Why do we learn these things we never really use?

It's almost like having a vault,
With nothing to keep,

Why do we waste the time and energy,
On the things we don't need?

It's just another memory for each of us to lose...

Drowning lyrics

I look at you,
With those eyes,
I'm drowning in,
Every tear you never cry,
In every scream you never make,
And after every breath that you take,
While I'm floating on your voice,
Surviving on,
Every word that you say,
And I'm burning from,
Every step you take away,
Can't you feel,
From the notes that I play,
How I feel,
With butterflies,
Chasing me every day,
But this feeling ain't goin' away

Duty lyrics

As a lifeguard,
I sit upon my post,
I see you flail and splash,
As I barrel down the sand,

Trying my hardest,
To make sure you're not a ghost,

I dive into the water,
I rush to your side,
I take you by the hand,
I look you eye to eye,

We float there,
Suspended in animation,
Not going up nor down,

Together we tred in a sea of emotion,
But I'll hold onto you until we rise up,

Give It Time lyrics

Give it time
Our love
And it will blossom
Into a beautiful rose
And while it isn't mine
Our love
But it is ours
Cause our passion is what shows
We're not hanging onto broken hopes
We're just stranded
And you're throwing us only broken ropes
Give it time

Headaches lyrics

I've got bad grades
There's nothing you can do

I'm not lying
I hope you never

Believe me when
I say you're my everything

I'm Worth It lyrics

I know you're in a lot,
And i wanna help you so,
But the only thing you'll let me do,
Is give advice you know,

So all I ask of you,
Is that you won't give up,
Because I know I'm worth it,
And that you're worth it too

Loneliness lyrics

Sad, disturbing, almost revolting;
Yet eternal and forever, never to leave;
Brings you to tears with a false belief;
Of happiness within, and makes joy a sin;

And fills you up without having to begin;
The symptoms of this curse, gets worse and worse;
Eventually it takes you away in a hearse;
Never to come again

No Chance In Heaven lyrics

The wind howls as leaves are swept to the ground
The fairytale has started it's flight
The red robe is blown all around
As she grips the basket so tight

The story's lost in the pages between
Of the book never again to be seen

You lit the candle
That started the blaze
(of my heart)

I'm drowning in the ashes
And always in pain
Somebody tell me
Tell me a story

Of a heart unbroken again

Original Heracy Of Puritans lyrics

There once was a land
Where kings and queens ruled
Where heratics were banned
And jesters fooled

Long live the king
But manipulated by queen
Bound by a gold ring
Broken by paper unseen

Sedition in place
Followed by high treason
The head of gossip has no face
As well as morals have no reason

Originality is out
Become dust in the wind
Filled with volatile doubt
Quartering those who sinned

She Was Good... But You're Better lyrics

No matter what I say,
I know you will always stay,
With me from day to night,
And Night to day,

My heart is yours,
Till the end of time,
Just like the way,
Your eyes shine,

I probably won't,
But know I should,
Write you a sappy love letter,
About how she was good...

And you are better!

Something For Nothing lyrics

You give and you give,
Till you have no more,
Yet you never ask,
For any return,

Well I can only repay right now,
With my voice and heart,
So listen to my words of love,
At least it is a start

Tired lyrics

Eyelids heavy
Breathing slowly
Bed is ready
Sleep is holy

Vision hazy
Colors blury
Mind is lazy
And full of worry

Heart is busy
Stuck on you
Tongue is fizzy
From words true

Bones are brittle
Skin is weak
Life is little
Memory bleak

Fallen angels
Around my bed
Losing braincells
From my head

Completely aware
But fully insane
Soul is rare
As well as brain

No longer last long
Their life is gone

Untitled 4-3-06 lyrics

He closes his eyes
As he pokes himself again
The needle goes in one side
And out the other

Nobody sees the lies
The lies in his eyes
The needle in his wrist

His wrist is self image
It's killing him slowly
As blood drips drop by drop

Nobody is there to pull it out
To take the pain away
To make everything okay

The eyes of an angel
Thats what he seeks
No, not her eyes
Her love

What You Need To Know lyrics

What may be true to you,
Might not be true for me,
But I can only show you,
What you want to see,

So in my head,
I do invite,
You to come and stay,
My sky is red,
Blue is the light,
And everyone laughs and plays,

There is no pain,
Nor hurt nor scars,
There is no sane,
Nor chains or bars,

I laugh I cry,
I bleed when I'm hurt,
But when I'm in love,
It hurts the worst,

Writer's Block lyrics

There is something there,
But you can't quite reach it,
It's on the edge of your fingers,
But you Just can't touch it,

You live it,
And Breathe it,
But still can't put it on paper,

It builds up inside you,
Getting greater and greater,
All this pressure coming from inside,
Eventually something you cannot hide,

Then it shoots out like a loose cannon,
Spewing and spurting,
No matter what you do,


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