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skeleton jar - Youth Group

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Skeleton Jar lyrics

Skeleton Jar lyrics

I feel like hell, you feel like dancing,
you know this bar curtains a world.
Those empty bottles, like sentinels,
stand guard in the morning sun.

Then the lights go down
and all the people gather round
and you feel you are a skeleton jar
oh yeah.

Be like the brother I never had,
be like a real son to my dad.
How can you stand there and watch this
scene, I hate you for liking me.

Why am I so miserable if these are the best
years of my life goes like a train i just
missed out on being part of the community
'don't go just stay with me' were all that
they heard from me.

Love me don't leave me just stay with me
don't leave me i've never known another
who could just please me the way that you
please me don't go just stay with don't go
just stay with were all that they heard
from me.

Listen and fill in the blanks

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