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Skeleton Jar lyrics - Youth Group lyrics

Baby Body lyrics

Liz hates her body, her baby body
She thinks that everybody's looking at
the way her figure's changed
But she's on this bus, it always moves so
Regrets her haircut, a career-ruining
She should have got t cut by her student
friend, he's asked her to dor weeks
But she hates that public transport moves
so slow

You wanted everything to change but you

Drowned lyrics

We were drinking, yeah we started drinking, round two
And the air was so heavy, yeah the air was heavy, with hopes it couldn't fulfil
This is as good as it gets
Hope is all we have left
The pilot plays, can't hear a sound
All my optimism's drowned

Yeah I'm drowned
I'm drowned and I don't know why

The cicadas, yeah the cicadas, are ringing in my ears

Piece Of Wood lyrics

All I am is a piece of wood
Cut from something living
Touch me I don't feel to good
I'm cold but I'm not shivering

You say I do not know, to say

All I am is the tail of a worm
Cut from something Squirming
Pinned to the earth I twist and turn
For soil and roots I'm yearning

All I am is a fingertip
Some angel's placed in cotton
And the syphalactic doctor says he'll make it fit

Why Don't The Buildings Cry lyrics

Stepping outside, a tap in my heart
Why hasn't the sky fallen apart?
Because inside this tower of sandston and
Someone just got served their last hospital

The city is mocking my darkest hour
The bitumen winks thorough a sudden
And the fat and the blated people mime
A hideous laugh to a joke on drivetime

And I catch the train
Stand side-by-side

See Saw lyrics

Pull down the blinds and stare at my blank screen
Some voice is asking how my weekend's been!
Planes go across the sky of Petersham
One day I will see all the hope that's stored in them

The pale underside catches the light
Like a see-saw I need more weight to carry me up
Maybe one day she will
Just say that she's happy enough, happy enough

Skeleton Jar lyrics

I feel like hell, you feel like dancing,
you know this bar curtains a world.
Those empty bottles, like sentinels,
stand guard in the morning sun.

Then the lights go down
and all the people gather round
and you feel you are a skeleton jar
oh yeah.

Be like the brother I never had,
be like a real son to my dad.
How can you stand there and watch this
scene, I hate you for liking me.

Shadowland lyrics

Released under watchful skies
into a town I didn't recognize
I was a tourist with no story,
lost in this purgatory
Escaped the smell of chalk and shame,
pledged a classroom in my name
The PTA won't bless me
and the yearbook will assess me, yeah

I walked down these familiar streets,
now filled with circus freaks
Your plans are as useful as baby's hand,

Lillian Lies lyrics

Lillian lies
to awkward questions
looks to the sky
for intervention
but she cant avoid judgmental compassion
in the void
puts on a face
makes it a brave
one gets herself a seat on a interstate greyhound
when everythings gone at least you got nothing that holds on
Curls herself up
rests her head on the window
sees her face in the trees suspended in limbo
when everythings gone


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