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Rumble lyrics - Young Rumblers lyrics

Workout lyrics

Between working and schooling, Im always on the run
Come on little baby, lets have a little fun
Workout, do you like it like this? Workout, do the soul twist
Work it out pretty baby, you know you got it working on me

I cant stand to see you darlin wearing a frown
Come on baby let your hair fall down
Workout, do you like it like this? Workout, do the soul twist

Walkin' On The Water lyrics

Walkin on the water...One two...

Well you know I want to see it, see it today
Ive heard everything that the good book say
Well I might be hysterical, but I know it can be
Cause I believe in miracles and baby you believe in me

Well lets go walkin walkin on the water
Well make our lives a little shorter cos well be walkin on the water

Tell Me What You Want Me To Be lyrics

One, two, one two three four

A heart of chain that she dont need, caught a lovely flight
I tried to change for differences sake to something she might like
I fell in love before I knew her name, train, train, like a railroad train
That locomotive done come off track
Somewhere out in the dark of the night

Well there is no happiness being this free

Love's On Fire lyrics

Come clean with me about what youre afraid of
I dont believe in never wanting love
U say U like it, U say its all right, but I saw U crying alone last night

Take my hand & take your turn, theres chance that U wont get hurt
Take a heart that you cant return, loves on fire but it dont burn

Youre not the first one whos been downhearted
Remember when I was shook up and torn apart

If We Never Meet Again lyrics

Well theres one thing Id like to rearrange
But after everythings already happened & theres nothin left 2 change
They can take their advice and use it all on themselves
Cause when all the talking stops I want to have something else
I want to have a little faith, I want to know what a guy and a girl
Can do when theyre dizzy
Cause theyre just not spinning with this world

I'm Not Your Man lyrics

Baby before hangaround this old moldy, mildewy, n crappy
Scene holding hands wit you!
Here's a whole list of things you're gonna have to do
Jump off the Empire State in a paper sack!
Talking lovey-dovey to a camel scare the hump off his back
Get the Queen of England's golden shoes
Put 'em on your feet and sing the St. Louis blues...Look here!

I Wanna Make You Happy lyrics

I wanna be the sun, and tell the world just when Im gonna shine
I wanna be a star, so I can twinkle on beyond my time
I wanna be the moon not just some meteor
I wanna roll the tide upon the shore
But this aint all that Ive been wishing for
Cause baby I want something more

I wanna make U happy baby everyday, I luv 2 hear U laughin out loud
I wanna make you happy baby, say it again

Half A Heart lyrics

Half of you is willing to give me all youve got
Half of you says stay away but baby I just cant stop
Get it straight right from the start
You cant make love with just half your heart, oh oh oh

Half a kiss can make you crazy, half a beat can make you dance
But half a heart & Ure a loser cos half a heart aint got half a chance
Half a heart...Half a heart...Half a heart...

Everything They Say Is True lyrics

Have you heard all the talk in the neighborhood?
All your so-called friends are saying I mean you no good
Ive got scars down my back where their knives have been through
Lies aint nothing new
But when they talk about the things that Id do for you
And baby everything they say is true

Everything they say is true cos theres nothing I wouldnt do for you

Gonna Breakdown lyrics

Be still, listen close, for the voice U fear the most, gonna breakdown
No more places left 2 hide, givin up without a fight, gonna breakdown

Gonna breakdown, gonna breakdown
Cause the truth is all around, gonna breakdown
Gonna breakdown, gonna breakdown
And its crying to be found, gonna breakdown

Give me strength, make me heal


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