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Nightcrawler lyrics - Yorn, Pete lyrics

Bandstand In The Sky lyrics

So come with me
To a place that we don't know
Come with me
I just wanna say "hello"
If you need some inspiration before we go
Just know
It's the way I have fallen in with you....
It's the way I have fallen in with you

So come with me
To a river I have seen
On the way
We can wash off in the stream
Time is waiting for the lightning to arrive
You can take my life
But I'll never die

Georgie Boy lyrics

Eighteen men went into the house
And burned it to the ground
Two men came out from the house
Never went to town
Everyone knew who the carpenter was
Breaking everything
Nathaniel was a lucky one
He had to get his things
Georgie Boy, oh, Georgie Boy
Sister Anne-Marie and a 12-year-old
They left the burning town
Rode for miles on a subway train
That's how the legend went down

Ice Age lyrics

When winter comes
Along these shores
Old Hollywood
We're knocking down
We're sifting through
We are the actual tigers
When winter comes
They leave behind us
Throw your arms around my neck
And hold me tightly
There's a lot that we will get
I'm asking you...
Let your diamond bracelet fall
Over the ice age
Over the ice age
Those summer years
We'd follow them
In light of day

How Do You Go On? lyrics

Came back from this big career
And turned it all around
Yeah, see them all over there?
They did it just like you
Oh, back to the beginning
And start it all again?
How do you go on?
Go on
Now you go on... how'd you go on?
You go 'round again
Wake up for the city lights
Baby don't know me
Baby don't understand
Wake up for the city
How'd you go on?
Go on
Now you go on

Broken Bottle lyrics

Sandy, I don't recognize you
So much has changed in your face
I dream at night you managed to take me home
And you could not get over my place
And you say, "Hey, what you doin' here?
I think that you would rather be there...
And your love is like a broken bottle."
Oh, Jesse, what you done with yourself?
I don't think you have to recognize me
But we was walking alone

Splendid Isolation lyrics

I want to live alone in the desert
I want to be like Georgia O'Keefe
I want to live on the Upper East Side
And never go down in the street
Michael Jackson in Disneyland
Don't have to share it with nobody else
Lock the gates, Goofy, take my hand
And lead me through the world of self
Splendid isolation
I don't need no one
Splendid isolation

Don't want to wake up with on one beside me

Alive lyrics

Sometimes it's pain
Sometimes it's hollow
Never the same
It'll change you tomorrow
The sadness
Doesn't matter when it's gone
Girl in a red dress
Passes you by
A hurried deception
Glean to her eye
Like the weather will not hurt her
When she's wrong
You say you feel all broke and discarded
What's on your mind, baby?
You know you'll get on well
Once you've started
Over again

Same Thing lyrics

Shame, pass the ticket along
Are you outside or inside?
You are in.
So what you want to know?
That everybody wants you?
You're old enough to say
What's really on your mind
Shame, has to take it alone
Are we not for between us
We are here
So what you gonna do
When everybody loves you?
You're old enough to know
What's really on their minds
They wanted the same thing

Maybe I'm Right lyrics

Cadillac Boy
And all he wants to do is work
How can you make him feel?
I was let down in your photographic whirl
I was in love with it
It's so much harder
Than this
So much harder
Than this
I was in the door
Didn't feel like doing work
We're staring out
We're starting now
You see me go
You feel like doing work
We're starting now
We're starving now

The Man lyrics

Walk me out by the water's edge
Oh, my brother
I'm coming down
We are you
We are almost there
And the man keeps coming 'round
I don't know who was right
Or what they saw in you that night
But here we are under moonlight
Words...cannot describe
Walk me out in the morning sun
Oh, sweet momma
I'm coming down
We are young
We are almost there
And the man keeps coming 'round

Policies lyrics

Policies drive a nation
Don't tell you their role
Policies drive a nation
Don't tell you their role
Clearly think
Clearly see
Gonna take you over
Gonna take you over
Prophecies drive a nation
Don't take the low road
Policies drive vacations
Don't take the low road
Clearly think
Clearly see
It's gonna take you over
Gonna take you over
Hey, boy, are you cut with that?

For Us lyrics

Ask yourself What do you think about us? I was in the station Working on something for us

You say your empty mind Is easy when it's drugged I watched you fall out of bed and scrape up your back Well, maybe This life is like the drug. This life is like the drug.

Ask yourself What do they say about us? I was in the station Cooking up something for us

Vampyre lyrics

In the beginning
They had valuable traits
Just don't mention anything to him
All we ask of you
Is to break both his legs
For the trouble
Caused as vampyre
They don't even care about us
In the backs of their cars
It's too hot to handle
Too cold to shovel
In the beginning
They had positive traits
Just don't mention
Everything to him
All we ask of you
Is a stake through the heart

Undercover lyrics

Say the talk, and I won't mind
The days are caused, you know I never try
And I love you like the one I used to know
And if you never had the time
To last an ordinary problem
And I said I'd like to have a place to go

And you live, and you try
I could never find another
If you walk me to the car park, I won't go

To I live this all time
Flashing for that sees be saw you

A Girl Like You lyrics

I'll look into her green eyes
And know that she'll come with me
A girl like you
Too many
Things I do not care for
But one thing that I adore
Is a girl like you

I'll always try
To look you in the eye
It's okay
With a girl like you

I think I'll tell you something
The thing that I haven't said
To a girl like you

And even if
I don't know what the day will bring


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