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Through the Storm lyrics - Yolanda Adams lyrics

Just A Prayer Away lyrics

Just A Prayer Away

I know that there are times in your life.
When the wheels just seem to turn
And uncertainty about your tomorrow seem to grow
One thing you should remember and you should always know
Out of everyone who loves you I love you the most.

For I am just a prayer away
Call my name with your heart and Ill hear every word you have to say

Even Me lyrics

Lord I hear of showers of blessings
Thou art scattering full and free
Showers the thirsty souls refreshing
Let some drops now fall on me

Pass me not oh gentle saviour
Sinful though my heart may be
I am longing for your favor
Whilst thou art blessing
Oh Lord
Come on and bless me

Even me Lord
Even me
Even me Lord
Even me

Let some drops
Let some drops
Whilst Thou art blessing

Only Way lyrics

Everywhere that I go
I must tell everyone of the Savior I know
And the things He has done
He's the Truth and the Life
And there's no other way to the Father
But by him

Long ago when He knew you'd be out on a limb
He gave His life for you
Can't you live yours for him
He's the Almighty Rock
And you won't have a firm foundation
Unless you're build on Him

You can't live without Him

Through The Storm lyrics

The storms of life will blow
They're sure to come and go
They meet us all at a time
When I'm calm and doing fine

But the Captain of my soul
He's always on board
He rocks me in His arms
While riding through the storm

While riding through the storm
Jesus holds me in His arms
I am not afraid
Of the stormy winds and the waves

Though the tides become high

Forever With Me lyrics

Lookin Over The Horizon
Night Breaks into dawn
I get a little misty eyed
knowing you've gone on

I suddenly came to realize just
how much your presence meant to me
I also realize that now you're finally fre


I Always Love You,
For The Special Times We Shared
All the times you let me know
Just how much you cared for me
I'll Always Love You


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