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what about the children - Yolanda Adams

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What About The Children lyrics

What About The Children lyrics

Tears streaming down, her heart is broken

Because her life is hurting, so am I

He wears a frown, his dreams are choking

And because he stands alone, his dreams will die
So, humbly I come to you and say

As I sound aloud the warfare of today

Hear me, I pray


What about the children

To ignore is so easy

So many innocent children would choose the wrong way

So what about the children

Remember when we were children

And if not for those who loved us and who cared enough to show us

Where would we be today

Sir, where is your son

Where lies his refuge

And if he can't come to you, then where can he run

Such a foolish girl, yet still, she's your daughter

And if you will just reminisce your days of young

You see, it's not where you've been, nor what you've done

Because I know a friend who specializes in great outcomes

See His love overcomes

CHORUS (2 times)

Where would we be today

Where would we be today

Where would we be today

What about the the children

Listen and fill in the blanks

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