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Singles lyrics - Yolanda Adams lyrics

Alwaysness lyrics

(Verse 1)
Although the sun has been around for a long time, still has the ablity to shine
And although the moon lights up the night, sometimes it like to hang out in the sunshine
And although green grass sometimes turns brown, its refreshed when rain drops come falling down
Creation starts, and then its renewed, by a single touch by you

So I depend on you, no matter what I do

Be Blessed lyrics

Be Blessed
by Yolanda Adams

Too many storms have passed your way
And youre all washed out cause it rained on your parade
Seems nobody cares about you anyway
Now youre living your life like a castaway
Searched for strength inside was it all in vain
Cause the deeper you dig you find more and more pain
Dont let your tomorrow be like yesterday
Cause I spoke to God, I called out your name

Gimme The Light lyrics

Just Gimme the light
yea yeah
Just Gimme the light
yo yo
Just Gimme the light
don't say it
just gime the light
sean paul

Just gimme the light and pass the 'Dro (hydro)
Bust another bottle of moe
Girl dem in a my sight and I gots to know
Which one is gonna catch my flow
Cause I'm in on my vibes and I got my dough
Bust another bottle of moe
Girl dem lookin hype and I gots to know

Show Me lyrics

There is a place in me
That no one but You can see
And in that place I'm really insecure
I've been hurt before by that
But I'm really sure You understand
Every tear I've cried
I bet You've cried a million more
How can I get back to where my smile I had was real
I'm desperate for Your touch
And I miss Your voice so much

Lord show me Your face
I'm longing for Your presence in this place

Someone Watching Over You lyrics

You say that your not afraid
Your just fine
Got it all figured out this time
With all of the plans you made
Will work out
Deep inside you have your doubts
But inside your clinging to your pride
And your just no no your free to let it go

Cuz even when it rains down there is light
Even when you cry all night
Your alright
Even when u lose your way
You'll get through

This Too Shall Pass lyrics

In the middle of
The turbulence
Surrounding you
These trying times
Are so hard to endure
In the middle of
What seems to be your darkest hour
Hold fast your heart
And be assured

This too shall pass
Like every night that's come before it
He'll never give you
More than you can bare
This too shall pass
So in this thought be comforted
Fore it's in His Hands
This too shall pass
oh yes

Tonight lyrics

(Verse 1)
I know its been while now since you last heard from me or talked to me
It's been kinda hard lately I've had a lot on my mind
Its been so long I'm afraid the words may not come out right
But tonight I'll try tonight mmmmm tonight I'll try tonight
I know that prayin' aint always easy
Its hard sometimes to express what you feel inside
Especially when you dont think God is listening

Victory lyrics

I've got got the victory I've got the sweet sweet victory in Jesus yes i do
He is our mighty conquerer in Him I will trust all my battles He'll fight!
I've got got the victory got the victory I've got the sweet sweet victory in Jesus
For me he died but he rose on the third day
Thats why I have true victory everyday

(Verse 1)
Truly I've been through the storm and rain


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