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open my heart - Yolanda Adams

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Open My Heart lyrics

Open My Heart lyrics

Talk to me

Alone in a room,
It's just me and you.
I feel so lost, cause I don't know what to do.
Now what if I choose,
The wrong thing to do.
I'm so afraid, afraid of disappointing you.

So I need to talk to you, and ask you for your guidance.
Especially today, when my mind is so cloudy.
Guide me until I'm sure, I'll open up my heart.

My hopes and dreams,
Are fading fast.
I'm all burned out,
And I don't think my strength is gonna last.
So I'm crying out, crying out to you ooooohhhhh
Lord I know that you're the only one, who is able to pull me through.

Repeat chrous

so show me how, to do things your way, don't let me make the
same mistakes, over and over again.
Your will be done, and I'll be the one.
To make sure that it's carried out and in me I don't want any doubt

That's why I wanna talk to you yes I do, and ask you for your
guidance.Especially today, when my world seems just a little bit cloudy,
Lord you can guide me through, that's why I open up I open up my
heart,my heart,my heart,my heart
oh all I need to do is just hear a single word from you ohh I open up,
I open up,open up my
heart just one word to make a difference in what I do lord, guide me
untill i'am sure I open I open I open I open my heart woo
you just say one word one word one word one word one word I open
up I open up my heart yo to you to you you'te the lover of my soul
a captian of my sea I need a word from you that's why I open up my heart

Listen and fill in the blanks

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