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Yers lyrics - Yes lyrics

Beyond And Before (Squire/Bailey) (4:50) lyrics

Sparkling trees of Silver foam
cast shadows soft in winter's home
Swaying branches breaking sound
In lonely forests trembling ground.
Masquerading leaves of blue
Run circles round the morning dew
In patterns understood by you
Reaching out beyond and before

Time like gold dust brings mind down
To levels hidden underground
Say a few words to the wind

I See You (McGuinn/Crosby) (6:33) lyrics

I see you la la la la la la I see you
I see you la la la la la la I see you
I see you la la la la la la I see you
Sun smiling through the cave of your hair
Wind washing tulips out of space sitting there
I love you
At your door second floor first world war
I love you
Who listens
tell your friend I'm aware that she care
who listens
Green specks bright spiraling out in the sky

Yesterday And Today (Anderson) (2:57) lyrics

Why is there you,
When there are few,
People making me feel good.
Why is there me,
When air is free,
Some I can see better than I should,
There's only us,
simply because,
Thinking of us makes us both happy
I think of you everyway, yesterday and today,
I think of things we do all the way everyday
Stand in the sea
sing songs for me,
Sing happily making me feel good,

Looking Around (Anderson/Squire) (3:49) lyrics

Looking around me
There's not so much in life that I miss
Things that I can't see
I'll touch and I'll feel then I'll kiss
Then I saw you standing there
With a smile I couldn't share
Just looking around, everywhere.
Tunes that I can't hear,
would take me for a while my smile
Fares that are too dear
I'd rather walk out another smile
Then I heard a tune so right

Harold Land (Anderson/Squire/Bruford) (5:26) lyrics

Harold Land with a wave of his hand,
said goodbye to all that,
He paid his bills, stopped the Milk, and then put on his hat,
He tried to say his last farewells
as quickly as he could,
Promising that he would return, but doubted that he would,
doubted that he would.

Now he's marching soldiers in the rain
as on to war they rode.
A long thin line of human mind,
damnation as their load!

Every Little Thing (Lennon/McCartney) (5:24) lyrics

When I'm walking beside her,
people tell me I'm lucky
Yes I know I'm a lucky guy
I remember the first time
I was lonely without her
can't stop thinking about her now
Every little thing she does
she does for me yeah
and you know the things she does
she does for me
When I'm with her I'm happy
Just to know that she loves me
Yes I know that she love me now
there is one thing I am sure of

Sweetness (Anderson/Squire/Bailey) (4:19) lyrics

She brings the sunshine to a rainy afternoon
She puts the sweetness in and stirs it with a spoon,
She watches for my moods and never brings me down
She puts the sweetness in all around
She knows just what to say to make me feel so good inside
and when I'm all alone I feel I don't want to hide
Today she bought me in and told me where she'd been


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