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Introspective lyrics - Xordeal lyrics

Not Until You're Dead lyrics

Do you still remember what you wanted your life to be?
Now look at yourself - what have you become?

A weakened body with a mutilated mind
Once full of dreams, now numb and empty

The dreams you dream are not yours
You lost them long ago
The life you live is a lie
The dreams you had - they died out long before

Don't you fell ashamed
When you look into the mirror

Epoch Of Unlight lyrics

We forge our lives in the fire of lies
With the hammer of falseness on the anvil of disguise
Cruelty is our blade, irony our shield
We cover ourselves in an armor of cynism

This state already lasts too long
The armies of falseness still grow
I'm not the only one to know
There's no saviour to come

We have arrived in an epoch of unlight
Where saints are made of sin

The Dreamer lyrics

On the search for a universal truth there are less answers than questions
Sooner or later you will find out there's no such thing
It's a utopic imagination which only fools will believe in
Truth is made up by your point of view

No one will tell you wrong from right
You're left alone in the dark
Hoping what you see is not reality

But this is not a dream
Or are we just imagination

Left Me To Die lyrics

How could things run out of control so quick and unforeseen?
We lost ourselves in a personal war, an unnecessary ridiculousity

All my attempts to reach you were bound to fail
I raised no accusations because I always thought:

"What you didn't know when you said goodbye
Was that you left me to die"

You never saw my pain, the tears that I cried

Demonhearted lyrics

Did you ever think of what lurks inside of me?
A mighty roaring demon waiting to be unleashed
Embodiment of human fears, hatred and disgust
Finally your worst nightmares 'came true in me

Burning acid runs my veins
My spit will singe your skin
A creature from the pits of hell
Raping burning death infame

Torture - all life on earth
You'll get what you have gained

Rpg lyrics

The game is set up
The dice have been thrown
Choose your character and start right in
Beginners pick stereotypes, professionals will customize
But it's all within the limits, no way to be yourself

This is just an rpg
A scheme to rule your life
Shifted to reality
To blind your eyes and blind your mind

No matter which way you choose
The plot remains the same

Killing Is All lyrics

Here I stand, a broken man
Betrayed by the people that I called my friends
Now they're gone - I've sent them to hell
I'm not the jester of a system to fail

I trusted them all - they broke my neck
Now they're gone and they won't come back
You'll suffer the pain - I'll give it to you
You'll suffer eternally for my rage is cruel

Splattered corpses lie on the floor

Of Hunter And Deer lyrics

More than a thousand times I played it in my mind
The game of hunter and deer
I followed your track, my senses were sharp
To satisfy my desire to kill

But when I trapped you and you couldn't run away
Somehow I felt pity for you

I turn away and question myself
A conflict of instinct and mind
Which is the right way to choose?
Does reason protect or harm myself?

A Wonderland Insane lyrics

Take a look into my eyes and witness a blackish emptiness you've never seen before
A unique horror to anyone who hasn't seen what's beyond infinity

Trapped in a labyrinth of madness, a gallery of hate
Beyond the edge of sanity, a wonderland insane

Welcome to my world
Where feelings disappear
No sorrows and no pleasures
Just a dreadful paradise of emptiness


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