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Vargtimmen Pt.1 lyrics - Wyrd lyrics

Vargtimmen lyrics

Enter my inmost night
As Pestilence I'll arrive
A plague upon your Christian beliefs
Malignant disease with no redeem
A wolf, feasting on the sheep's
Black as pitch, cold as ice
Traveller of darker paths
Vargtimmen -
Even darkness dims
Welcome despair and pain
Overwhelming grimness

This is my hour!

The moon lays hidden
Behind the northern gale
I am the unseen eyes of thunder

The Lonely Sea lyrics

The sun sets below the foam of the ocean
And the shore is fast asleep
I stood on the mountain and sang
When my verses hit the water they were already dead

I know where the sun sleeps at night
Down in the lonely sea
I know where the sun hides at night
Up a tall spruce-tree
The song vanished behind the pine-trees
And the dusk cried it away
Below the depths of the ever storming sea

Sad Song Of The Woods lyrics

Longing, yearning / wishful, dread
Plaintive, mourning / woeful, weary
Cruel be the wind that carries this tune,
Song Clad in mourning veil.
Deaf be the ears that it falls upon,
Sorrow so overwhelming.

Forever and forever more
She'll haunt these moors
Eternally and even beyond
She'll dance in the early morning mists
In autumn, in summer, in spring
In winters chilling wind

Outro lyrics


Autumn lyrics

Summer bleeds its last shades of green
To the darkened pool of dead emotions
Pond of decayed dreams and withered love
Why should I carry on, when all hope is gone?

Come the autumn, come the rain
Wash away all the bitterness and hate
Fall - Come the autumn
Fall - Come the rain

Carve it to the firs, carve it to the oaks
Scream it to the stars, shout it at the world


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